Your Call: What do we know about the radiation coming from our pockets?

Jan 24, 2018


You can’t see it, but your phone and your internet connection emits non-ionizing radiation. Scientists and doctors have been debating the health and environmental effects of radiation for years.

The California Department of Public Health recently released draft guidelines for reducing exposure to cell phone radiation. One recommendations says you shouldn't store your phone in your bra or pocket when it's on. A new documentary, Generation Zapped, explores these issues. What precautions should we take to limit our radiation exposure?


Ellen Marks, founder and director of the California Brain Tumor Association, an advocacy organization focused on preventing health impacts of radiation from cell phones and other wireless technologies


Cindy Sage, co-owner of environmental sciences firm Sage Associates, a firm that writes about the public health effects of electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation


Web Resources:

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