Your Call: What does the Tenderloin look like through the eyes of youth who live there?

Sep 2, 2015

  On the September 2nd edition of Your Call, we’re speak with organizers, artists, and youths who’ve documented life in the Tenderloin neighborhood. 

Equipped with cameras, 19 young people used photography to explore poverty, immigration, and public health. With a reputation for homelessness, drugs, and now an increasing number of tech companies, what do these images tell us about life in the Tenderloin and its future?


Kay Weber is the Fine Arts Director of the Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco Tenderloin Clubhouse and Curator of Ain’t Nothin’ Tender.

Randy Rollison is the Executive Director at Intersections for the Arts. 

Patricia Warren is an artist and photographer.

Christopher Muzar is a photographer. 

Yessenia Pozo is a photographer.

Web Resources:

Intersection for the Arts: Ain’t Nothin Tender details

Intersection for the Arts: The Portrait Project

Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco, Tenderloin Clubhouse

Vietnamese Youth Development Center

Shih Yu-Lang Central YMCA

Patricia Warren