Your Call: What happens when people with different opinions talk to each other?

Jan 4, 2018

How do you facilitate a productive, civil conversation between people who disagree politically?

 In the year following the presidential election, dozens of groups stepped up to encourage people with different opinions to talk to each. The group Make America Dinner Again invites guests with a range of political viewpoints to share a meal and take part in guided conversations. We’ll find out what they’ve learned and how dialogue makes a difference. What can we learn from one another through respectful dialogue?


Justine Lee and Tria Chang, co-founders of Make America Dinner Again, a project that organizes conversations between people with different opinions, over dinner 

Julie Winokur, executive director of Talking Eyes Media and producer of Bring it to the Table, a documentary that encourages people to stop bickering about politics, and engage in civil discourse to help move democracy forward  

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