Your Call's One Planet series: Standing Rock, one year later

Oct 30, 2017


One year after Standing Rock, what is the state of Native activism? What have we learned about the brutal crackdowns?

On October 27th, 2016 local, state, federal, and private security officers coordinated a violent raid on Standing Rock. Hundreds of law enforcement officers evicted residents and arrested 142 people who were blocking the development of the Dakota Access Pipeline on Sioux tribe land. Rarely applied federal charges were brought against seven Native American water protectors. What does newly revealed police footage and documents bring to light about the raid? And what is the state of indigenous activism?


Benalex Dupris, member of the Colville Tribe in Washington State and co-director of The 7th Wave, a documentary about Northwest Coastal Indians

Tara Houska, Native-American activist, tribal rights attorney, and national campaigns director with Honor the Earth

Web Resources:

Honor the Earth: Why are those angry Natives "ruining" the protest? A note to allies. 

The Intercept: The Battle of Treaty Camp, Law Enforcement Descends on Standing Rock a Year Ago and Changed the DAPL Fight Forever