99% Invisible

Fridays at 7:44am & 4:45pm

99% Invisible is a tiny radio show about design, architecture & the 99% invisible activity that shapes our world. The 99% Invisible podcast recently reached #2 in the iTunes rankings for all podcasts, as well as #1 in both the Arts and Design categories. Roman Mars is also the host, producer and program director of Public Radio Remix from PRX. 

99% Invisible: Heyoon

Jun 19, 2015
Illustration by Emile Holmewood.

On the June 19, 2015 edition of 99% Invisible:

Growing up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Alex Goldman was a misfit. Bored and disaffected and angry, he longed for a place to escape to. And then he found Heyoon.

On the June 12, 2015 edition of 99% Invisible.

On the June 5, 2015 edition of 99% Invisible.

99% Invisible: Details

May 22, 2015

On the May 22, 2015 edition of 99% Invisible:

It’s a stick with bristles poking out of it.

The May 15th edition of 99% Invisible was created live by Roman Mars at KALW.  It's about the most mis-used Social Security number in US history.