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99% Invisible is a tiny radio show about design, architecture & the 99% invisible activity that shapes our world. The 99% Invisible podcast recently reached #2 in the iTunes rankings for all podcasts, as well as #1 in both the Arts and Design categories. Roman Mars is also the host, producer and program director of Public Radio Remix from PRX. 




Fri October 24, 2014
99% Invisible 10/24/2014

99% Invisible: The Port of Dallas

There’s a photograph we have tacked to our studio at 99% Invisible HQ. The photo, taken 1899, shows three men, all looking very fashionable, suspended mid-air on the lifted arm of a giant dredging machine.

[Scene from the reversal of the Chicago River, 1899. Courtesy of Richard Cahan.]

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Fri October 17, 2014
99% Invisible 10/17/2014

99% Invisible: Rebar and the Alvord Lake Bridge

Alvord Lake Bridge in Golden Gate Park

On this week's edition of 99% Invisible:

The Alvord Lake Bridge is, quite literally, the bridge to the modern world. It is one the oldest reinforced concrete structures still standing. The twisted iron bars embedded in the bridge served as the model for the all the rebar containing structures that followed. It is the ancestor to an endless number of reinforced concrete buildings, bridges, tunnels, viaducts, and foundations.

Friday at 7:35am & 4:45pm and Saturday at 8:35am.

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Fri October 10, 2014
Arts & Culture

Episode 132: Castle on the Park

The Castle on the Park

This episode was originally aired on Sept 16, 2014.

On the southwest corner of Central Park West and 106th Street in New York City, there’s an enormous castle. It takes up the whole east end of the block, with its red brick cylindrical turrets topped with gleaming silver cones. The stained glass windows and intricate stonework make the building look like something out of a fairytale.....

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Fri October 3, 2014


Thu October 2, 2014