Book Talk

Sundays at 6:30pm

With the passing of Book Talk's host, Alan Farley, in October of 2012, this program is no longer being produced.  Archived shows will be made available for on-line listening in the near future.  Selected broadcasts are available here.

An encore presentation of a special that host Alan Farley put together commemorating the 30th annual celebration of All Things Noel.  The broadcast includes highlights from some of the previous 29 years of specials.  Sunday, December 16 at 6pm

Alex Ross

Oct 2, 2012

Alan talks with New Yorker Music Critic Alex Ross about his book "The Rest Is Noise:Listening to the Twentieth Century. {rebroadcast from 2007] Sunday at 6:30PM

Christopher Buckley

Sep 27, 2012

Alan talks with Christopher Buckley about his latest satirical novel, "They Eat Puppies, Don't They?" Sunday at 6:30 PM [rebroadcast]

Dan Ariely

Sep 19, 2012

Alan talks with Dan Ariely about his latest book, "The Honest Truth about Dishonesty." [rebroadcast] Sunday at 6:30 PM

Anne Perry

Sep 11, 2012

Alan talks with Anne Perry about her latest mystery, "Dorchester Terrace." [rebroadcast] Sunday at 6:30 PM