Book Talk

Sundays at 6:30pm
hosted by Alan Farley
Alan Farley

With the passing of Book Talk's host, Alan Farley, in October of 2012, this program is no longer being produced.  Archived shows will be made available for on-line listening in the near future.  Selected broadcasts are available here.




Wed March 21, 2012
Book Talk

Book Talk March 25, 2012

Cara Black

Alan talks with Cara Black about her latest Aimee Leduc investigation, "Murder at the Lanterne Rouge."


Wed March 14, 2012
Book Talk

Book Talk March 18, 2012

Bart Schneider

Alan talks with Bart Schneider about his latest novel, "Nameless Dame - Murder on the Russian River."


Sat March 10, 2012
Book Talk

Book Talk March 11, 2012

T. C. Boyle

Alan talks with author T. C. Boyle about his latest novel, "When the Killing Is Done."


Tue February 28, 2012
Book Talk

Book Talk March 4 2012

Christopher Bram

Alan talks with Christopher Bram about his book, "Eminent Outlaws - The Gay Writers Who Changed America,"


Thu February 23, 2012
Book Talk

Book Talk February 26 2012

Edmund White

Alan talks with pioneering gay author Edmund White about his latest novel, "Jack Holmes and His Friend."