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Tue July 29, 2014
City Visions: August 4, 2014

Next on City Visions: A Bad Childhood Can Make You a Sick Adult

August 4, 2014:  On our next show, host David Onek and a panel of experts look at why childhood stress can impact long-term health.

What are the biochemical changes that occur because of early stress, and why can they reduce life expectancy?  What diseases are most commonly seen in adults who have experienced childhood trauma?  And what can doctors treating at-risk kids do to improve long-term health outcomes?

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Tue July 22, 2014
Next on City Visions: New Visions for Climate Just

Next on City Visions: New Visions for Climate Justice

What does it mean to confront the growing Bay Area’s energy needs in a time of climate crisis? Can we have power without pollution? Tune in Monday night as we discuss visionary community-based solutions and organizing in Richmond and beyond.

Joining David Onek in the studio for these conversations and more:

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Mon July 14, 2014
City Visions: July 21, 2014

City Visions: Exploring the Human Microbiome

what are these millions of organisms doing in our bodies?
Nature Magazine

City Visions for July 21, 2014: According to researchers, there are 100 trillion microorganisms living in the human body. But where does this 'human microbiome' come from? What do these microorganisms do for us and how are they related to chronic disease? And how can we keep our microbiome healthy?

City Visions host David Onek explores these questions and more with Bay Area leading researchers Katie Pollard of the Gladstone Institutes, Susan Lynch of UCSF, and Peter diLaura of Second Genome.

Produced by: Victoria Thorp

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Wed July 9, 2014
City Visions: July 14, 2014

City Visions: Coit Tower, restored

California (detail), Maxine Albro, 1934
Image courtesy of Architectural Resources Group

City Visions July 14, 2014: What are the stories behind the newly completed restoration of Coit Tower and its famed murals? City Visions host Joseph Pace speaks with the architect, conservator and city officials responsible for the $1.7 million project, and explores the monument’s artistic, historical and social significance in San Francisco. 


Cassandra Costello, Property Manager, San Francisco Recreation and Park Department

Tom DeCaigny, Director of Cultural Affairs, San Francisco Arts Commission

David Wessel, Principal, Architectural Resources Group

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Tue June 17, 2014
City Visions: June 23, 2014

Innovations in Health Tech - How Will You Benefit?


On the June 23rd episode:

Are wireless devices really helping people lead healthier and longer lives?  Host Joseph Pace discusses the impact of current and future innovations in health tech.

As our bodies share rich data wirelessly, how can we be sure it will not be used to discriminate against those who have medical conditions or are predisposed to have them? 


What are the most important wireless devices in medicine's future?


Will they help reduce healthcare costs?

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