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Thu January 30, 2014
City Visions: February 3, 2014

What's Next for CA High Speed Rail?

What does the future hold for California High Speed Rail? Host David Onek and guests review the latest legal, political and financial developments in the state's quest for a bullet train linking San Francisco and LA. We hear from the High Speed Rail Authority, the High Speed Rail Peer Review Group and citizen advocates.

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Tue January 21, 2014
City Visions: January 27, 2014

Does San Francisco Have Enough Water?

Credit Eric Luebenhusen / U.S. Department of Agriculture

Does San Francisco have enough water?  California is experiencing a record-breaking drought, and Governor Jerry Brown is asking Californians to reduce their water usage by 20%. Host Joseph Pace and guests look at the Bay Area's water supply and explore what an even drier place - Las Vegas - can teach us about urban water conservation.

Producer:  Wendy Holcombe


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Thu January 9, 2014
City Visions: January 13, 2014

Sister Activism: The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Sister ROMA! There's No Place Like Rome


If you've been to a Bay Area protest or community event, you've probably seen -- or even met those nuns in whiteface -- The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Devoted to human rights globally and locally, AIDS education, and respect for diversity, this controversial Order of Queer Nuns has long been a staple of San Francisco's cultural fabric. They join host Joseph Pace for the hour.


Sister Mora Lee D'Klined, The Nun of Your Business

Sister Eden Asp, the Forbidden Fruit

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Mon December 30, 2013
City Visions: January 6, 2014

Making Resolutions Last

What is your goal for 2014?

How will you accomplish your resolutions this year? Whether you want to take on a hard goal such as losing weight, or something easy like flossing every night, you will need a game plan to stay on track. The good news is that researchers have new insights about behavior change and willpower that can help you finally reach your goals.

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Wed December 11, 2013
City Visions: December 16, 2013

Real Estate Boom Squeezes SF's Nonprofits



As commercial rents around the city continue to rise, are San Francisco's nonprofits at risk of displacement? City Visions host Joseph Pace and guests discuss how local social services, arts and faith-based organizations are coping with double digit rent increases -- and what can be done to help them remain in the communities they serve.

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