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Sun December 1, 2013
City Visions: December 9, 2013

Do Traffic Laws Need to Change to Make Cycling Safer?


Wed November 6, 2013
City Visions: November 18, 2013

Why Are Girls Starting Puberty Early?

Researchers have new evidence that girls are starting puberty as young as 8 years old. What is behind the downward trend in maturation for girls of different races and ethnicities? And what are the environmental, social and nutritional issues that may be triggering the start of puberty for girls? On November 18th, guest host Victoria Thorp talks with Bay Area physicians and researchers who are involved with a leading national study of early onset of puberty in young girls, and explore the implications of this issue for parents and educators.


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Thu October 31, 2013
CIty Visions: November 4, 2013

Election Special 2013


It's City Visions' annual pre-election special, with host Joseph Pace in conversation with USF politics professor Corey Cook. Share your views on San Francisco's Props B & C and the contested development project at 8 Washington St. -- and weigh in on some of the broader electoral issues facing our state, like voter turnout, partisanship, and redistricting.

Producer: Susie Britton



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Thu October 24, 2013
City Visions: October 28, 2013

Is the Internet Promoting Scientific Debate or Stifling It?


Tue October 1, 2013
City Visions: October 7, 2013

From Bean to Buzz--COFFEE!


From beans, to barista, to buzz, coffee is a big, bold, and complex story.

  • What's brewing in the Bay Area?
  • What does it take to make a great cup?
  • Can you have it your way?
  • And what's up with those pods?

Join host David Onek and studio guests to ride the "3rd Wave" of coffee.  No attitude and no waiting in line!


Producer: Lisa Denenmark


In the studio with David are:

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