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Thu August 15, 2013
City Visions: August 19, 2013

A Conversation with San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court's landmark decision guaranteeing all criminal defendants the right to an attorney, regardless of their ability to pay for one. City Visions host Joseph Pace speaks with San Francisco public defender Jeff Adachi about the challenges that persist in ensuring justice for the poor and what his office is doing to keep vulnerable populations out of the system.

Producer: Susie Britton

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Mon August 5, 2013
City Visions: August 12, 2013

Bay Area Muslim Women Have Their Say

What are the differences between media representations of Muslim women and reality?  City Visions speaks with a panel of Muslim women artists from the Bay Area to learn how they are challenging stereotypes - through their art and in how they live.  

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Tue July 23, 2013
City Visions: July 29, 2013

Benefit Corporations: Making a Profit While Doing Good?

Why should consumers care about benefit corps?

Benefit corporations, also known as “B corps,” are changing what it means to be a socially responsible business. 20 states have passed laws that recognize benefit corporations as businesses that make a commitment to 

doing good while still making a profit. And in April 2012, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved a measure that gives benefit corporations an incentive to apply for city contracts.

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Wed July 17, 2013
Next on City Visions: July 22, 2013

A conversation with San Francisco DA George Gascón


DA George Gascón is on a mission to make San Francisco the safest large city in the country.  The DA talks with host Joseph Pace about how he intends to achieve that.  Additionally, he discusses alternative sentencing, anti-truancy efforts and more.

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Tue July 9, 2013
City Visions: July 15, 2013

A Powerful New Weapon in the Fight Against Cancer

Actress Angelina Jolie recently surprised the world when announced she had an elective double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer.  By having her genes tested, she learned she is a carrier of BRCA 1, a "faulty" gene that dramatically increases her risk of ovarian and breast cancers. 

Hear from pioneering Bay Area doctors who are using gene sequencing as a tool in the fight against cancer.  Which cancers are most impacted by advances in gene sequencing?  How can you or someone you love benefit?  How much does it cost and who pays?

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