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Banking for dispensaries moves ahead… Blue Ribbon panel presents… There’s an app, but not on Google… Canadian cannabis heading our way?  And more.


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This is Audiograph--the Bay Area’s sonic signature.

Each week, we’ll play you a sound recorded somewhere in the Bay Area. Your job? Listen to the sound (in the player above), figure out where it was recorded, and what exactly it is, then call us to let us know.

The truth about pit bulls

Jul 23, 2015
Louise Codd

Pit bulls are the most bred dog in America. They are the most common in shelters, and they are the most euthanized as well. There are organizations whose sole mission is to make the breed extinct. The existence of pit bulls is now threatened due to their aggressive reputation.

What are Velella Velella?

Jul 23, 2015
Jessica Placzek

Over the past few months, millions of velella velella have been washing up all along the California coast. They’re blue jellyfish-like creatures with tentacles hanging beneath the surface of the water, and a ridge that sits above it. But when velella velella are beached, their gelatin bodies bake in the sun and they harden to resemble something that looks like a Pringle.

Crosscurrents: July 23, 2015

Jul 23, 2015

The truth about pit bulls; What are Velella Velella?; an Audiograph classic: City Grazing's Goats and Goat Whisperers; and local band Panic is Perfect.

Holly McDede

All week long, we've been playing this sound, and asking you to guess what exactly it is and where exactly in the Bay Area we recorded it.

This auditory guessing game is part of Audiograph, a crowd-sourced collaborative radio project mapping the sonic signature of each of the Bay Area’s nine counties. By using the sounds of voices, nature, industry, and music, Audiograph tells the story of where you live, and the people who live there with you. Every Thursday, we reveal the origins of that week's sound on Crosscurrents, and here in weekly blog posts.

Today's Local Music: Panic is Perfect

Jul 23, 2015

This music is by a San Francisco band called “Panic Is Perfect.” Their music, however, produces more of a desire for dancing than for panicking.

 You can hear Panic is Perfect at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco tomorrow. Doors open at 8:30pm.

Daily News Roundup for Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

Jul 23, 2015
Treasure Island Development Authority

Here's what's happening in the Bay Area, as curated by KALW news

City plans to transform Treasure Island with $50 million for public art // KQED

"In an art-themed version of the movie axiom, 'if you build it, they will come,' the San Francisco Arts Commission (SFAC) hopes to draw locals and tourists alike to Treasure Island — and not just for its views.

LBMSF Kickstarter Campaign


San Francisco is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the country -- but it has one of the lowest populations of African-Americans. In 1990, 11% of city residents were African-American. In 2001, it was 7.8%. Now, it’s just 6%. San Francisco native Jimmie Fails says it makes him feel like the last black man in the whole city.

Todd Whitney


The Three Point Nine Collective is a group of Black artists in San Francisco. They take their name from the expected percentage of Black San Franciscans left by the 2020 census.