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The hunt for German bread in San Francisco

Nov 28, 2016
Alexandra Augustin

In a city with a world renowned versatile culinary scene one thing is still hard to get: Good German bread.

Heidi de Marco/KHN, resized and recropped

Hugging a baby doll can sometimes soothe even the most upset toddler, and some researchers say it can do the same for adults with dementia. Doll therapy is catching on in nursing homes, but not everyone thinks this is a good idea.

The sunny sounds you’re hearing now come from four native San Franciscans who call themselves The She’s . They list their influences as their surroundings, surfer boys, and each other.

Thomas Pacha

Kitka is a women's singing ensemble based in Oakland. For more than 35 years, the group has been singing songs drawn from Eastern European vocal traditions. What began as an informal group of singers with a passion for those Eastern European harmonies and rhythms has grown into a critically-acclaimed professional ensemble.

11/28: The debate around doll therapy

Nov 28, 2016

Today on Crosscurrents : H ow doll therapy can help patients with Alzheimer's. A n interview with an Oakland group specializing in Eastern European traditional music. The search for German-style bread in San Francisco.

New Attorney General nominee raises concerns ... They’re coming for your guns, pot smokers ... Global leaders call for total decriminalization ... A possible solution to the cannabis banking problem ... and more.

She bangs the drums: Women Drummers International

Nov 23, 2016
Alexandra Augustin

When it comes to music made by women, some clichés still persist: Women sing, and men play loud guitars and heavy drums. Conga drummer Carolyn Brandy wants to change all that.

Scott La Rockwell

When muralist and painter Aaron De La Cruz arrived at art school at California College of Arts and Craft, he had trouble believing that he belonged there. Cruz grew up in Fresno tagging walls and not quite believing art could be an actual career.

Audrey Dilling

An unusual scene has been playing out at Ocean Beach over the past few weeks.

11/23: Creating a space for women drummers

Nov 23, 2016

W hy San Francisco moves tons of sand down Ocean Beach. A conversation with artist Aaron de la Cruz . Women drummers unite in the East Bay.

This music? It’s the latest from Be Calm Honcho from San Francisco. They take West Coast pop and mix it with jangly “indie rock” to create what they call “a dark magic.”

Winni Wintermeyer with permission from Mother Jones

Mother Jones reporter Shane Bauer has spent time in an Iranian prison, gone undercover as a guard at a maximum security prison in Louisiana, and recently embedded with militiamen patrolling the U.S. border with Mexico.

These bikers are guardian angels, not Hell's Angels

Nov 22, 2016
Photo courtesy of Bonnie Chan

Child trauma, including child abuse and neglect, is one of the most significant public health issues we face in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Brandon Caffey

Today's local music is by Zion I . This Oakland hip-hop crew says their new album is meant to be "looking inward at the shadow self, and seeking awareness in the darkness of one's own psyche.”

11/22: Shane Bauer on disenchanted white men

Nov 22, 2016

What journalist Shane Bauer learned reporting undercover with the border militia. Bikers show up to support victims of child abuse .

Photo by Holly McDede

When you think of the tools in a police officer’s toolkit, you probably think of devices like handcuffs, pepper spray, and stun guns. But there’s another device that you probably haven’t heard of. It’s called the WRAP.

Some, None or Done: A Zen Atheist

Nov 21, 2016
Courtesy of Judy Silber

We've been asking our listeners through a survey : What role do religion and spirituality play in your life? Heather Hernandez responded. She's a Berkeley librarian who calls herself a Zen Atheist.

Courtesy of Kaya Oakes

One big trend in the US over the last few decades is that the country is becoming less religious. Far more people are categorizing themselves as Nones — people who say they don’t have a religious identity.

Today's Local Music: David Gans

Nov 21, 2016

Today’s local music is by David Gans . Gans, a noted Grateful Dead authority, is fronting a project called Chocolate Coffee Pot.

11/21: The WRAP

Nov 21, 2016

Questions about the safety of a police body restraint called the WRAP. The election could influence how people choose religious identity . What it means to identify as a Zen Athiest .

Anonymous. Used under license from Google Images (noncommercial reuse with modification / cropped from original)

More clarification on Prop. 64 ... Oakland re-examines permits ... No smoking on UC campuses ... Warning for Californians driving to Nevada ... Business, Health, and more.

band website cropped and resized with permission

Today’s local music comes to us from Sun Kil Moon , a band started by singer and guitarist Mark Kozelek. Sun Kil Moon was in Europe and Japan earlier this year promoting their latest album.

Jeremy Dalmas

Here's the sound we played as a clue. We asked you to guess what exactly it is and where exactly in the Bay Area we recorded it.

New report raises alarms about the health of the Bay

Nov 17, 2016
Angela Johnston

The San Francisco Bay, or more accurately, the San Francisco Estuary, is a place where freshwater that flows from the Sierras, down the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers, and mixes with salty water from the Pacific Ocean.

Can copying plants curb climate change?

Nov 17, 2016
Nano Letters 2015 15 (5

Imagine that cars that are no longer dependent on fossil fuels. Instead of gasoline, they’d run on a new fuel—called butanol—that’s made, with the help of bacteria, from three simple ingredients: sunlight, air and water.

11/17: The quest for artificial photosynthesis

Nov 17, 2016

Scientists at UC Berkeley try to make fuel from sunlight, air, and water with the help of bacteria. A new report about the health of the San Francisco Bay. Sounds from an " Unthanksgiving " ceremony in the middle of the bay. // Left Lane

San Francisco rapper Adam Vida pairs his songs with video that often goes viral, including one shot spontaneously at the riots that followed the San Francisco Giants 2010 World Series win. In this installment of Bay Area Beats, Adam Vida talks about the evolution of his sound.

Photo courtesy of Bethanie Hines, resized and recropped

Soccer, or futbol, as the rest of the world knows it can be a source of joy and release in a complicated world. Bay Area theater artist, writer and educator Marc Bamuthi Joseph knows the feeling.

Choreographer Micaya on empowerment through the art of hip-hop

Nov 16, 2016
Courtesy of Paradox-Sal Dance Crew / cropped and resized

This year, the San Francisco International Hip Hop DanceFest celebrates its 18th anniversary of bringing hip hop dance to the Bay Area stage. Companies come from as far away as Vietnam, and as close as Oakland.

11/16: The art of soccer

Nov 16, 2016

Unaccompanied minors make the Bay Area their home. An interview with artist Marc Bamuthi Joseph . San Francisco rapper Adam Vida .