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Thu May 21, 2015

Robots for humanity: how technology is changing the life of one Bay Area man

Jane and Henry Evans at their house
Angela Johnston

Henry Evans and his wife Jane live high up in the Los Altos foothills. To get there you have to drive up twisting roads with steep switchback turns. On a Thursday morning 12 years ago Henry drove up these same roads after dropping his children off at school.

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Thu May 21, 2015
Arts & Culture

Fine tuning: the art of guitar making

Dutch Treat Imaging Atelier

For the person accustomed to playing a factory model, a guitar from the hand of a skilled luthier is always a revelation. The tone, action, craftsmanship, and finish make playing such an instrument a unique pleasure.

Irving Sloane – Classic Guitar Construction

It used to be that if you wanted to learn how to make a guitar, you had to apprentice with a luthier. You’d find them in Europe, and you had almost no other option. That is, until New Yorker Irving Sloane wrote the book on high-end construction: Classic Guitar Construction: Diagrams, Photographs, and Step-By-Step Instructions.

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Thu May 21, 2015
Sights and Sounds of Bayview

How activists are reviving a historic waterway in Bayview-Hunters Point

Bo Barnes, president of Kayaks Unlimited.
TaSin Sabir

The sun is beating down on Islais Creek, a small marine channel in Hunters Point that opens out into the Bay. Homeless camps, graffiti, and factories surround the area, but there’s also a small, quaint park with native cherry trees and a gravel boat launch. Bo Barnes, a laid back man with shoulder length hair and an easy smile, is getting ready to take me out kayaking on Islais Creek.

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Thu May 21, 2015

Daily news roundup for Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Digital District plan is a five-year roadmap highlighting how technology will be woven into the classrooms of public schools.
Mike Koozmin/The S.F. Examiner


Wed May 20, 2015

Crosscurrents: May 20, 2015

Being on lockdown in San Quentin, "passing" in terms of how one speaks, and reading braille.