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Colin Peden

All week long, we've been playing this sound and asking you to guess what exactly it is and where exactly in the Bay Area we recorded it.

Kristina Loring

All week long, we've been playing this sound, and asking you to guess what exactly it is and where exactly in the Bay Area we recorded it.

Liza Veale

All week long we've been playing this sound, and asking you to guess what it is and where in the Bay Area we recorded it.

Julie Caine

All week long, we've been playing this sound and asking you to guess what exactly it is and where exactly in the Bay Area we recorded it.

Courtesy of Justin Ancheta

The music you’re hearing now is by East Bay musician Justin Ancheta who has played for audiences from Spain to Hawaii.

Here's what's happening in the Bay Area, as curated by KALW news:

Touring Pacifica’s crumbling cliffs, Rep. Speier seeks aid // SF Gate

"The crumbling ocean cliffs of Pacifica prompted a call from Rep. Jackie Speier for state and federal help in shoring up the storm-ravaged coast and helping 40 or so evacuated residents find housing."

1/28: Audiograph's third birthday

Jan 28, 2016

Each week we air an episode of Audiograph, a guessing game featuring sounds of the Bay Area. In honor of Audiograph's third birthday, we listen back to our favorite sounds from 2015.

The fast and the furious world of pigeon racing

Jan 27, 2016
Photo by Geraldine Ah-Sue

Bill Milestone says you can tell when a pigeon is happy. They get frisky with energy. They squabble with each other. They get, he says, a sparkle in their eye.

Milestone is training his flock of forty for an upcoming race. They live in a small white house on stilts in the backyard of his San Francisco home, cooing over each other. 

Super Bowl Impact: How will the big game affect your commute?

Jan 27, 2016
Courtesy of SFMTA / Resized and Cropped

Although the Super Bowl game is taking place in Santa Clara, the majority of pre-game celebrations will take place in busy downtown San Francisco and along the Embarcadero.

Daily news roundup for Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Jan 27, 2016
Flickr User Dave Fayram, used under CC BY. Cropped.

Here's what's happening in the Bay Area, as curated by KALW news:

Uber Drivers Stage 'Honk-In' Protest Outside San Francisco Headquarters // Newsweek

“Uber drivers encircled the ride-sharing company’s headquarters in San Francisco and staged a ‘honk-in’ on Monday afternoon in protest of Uber's cutting of drivers’ wages earlier this month.

1/27: Super Bowl Commute

Jan 27, 2016

Courtesy of the Community Music Center



Three years ago, UCSF, in partnership with the San Francisco Department of Aging and Adult Services and 95-year-old Mission district institution Community Music Center, initiated a clinical trial to study the impact that singing in a choir can have on older adults. 

Audrey Dilling

According to a report by the San Francisco Rent Board, efforts to evict tenants are at a ten-year high, with more than 2,000 eviction notices filed in 2015.

Photo courtesy of flickr user Christina B Castro // Resized and cropped


Super Bowl 50 is about to touch down in the Bay Area. While the game is taking place in Santa Clara, San Franciscans will host many of the visiting fans and fanfare. 

Courtesy of David Yu from Flickr, used under CC / Resized and cropped

San Francisco is spending more than $4.8 million to cover the costs of transit issues, law enforcement, and other expenses that go with hosting Super Bowl parties and associated activities. Why didn't city officials arrange for that money to be reimbursed?

Local Music: Quiles & Cloud

Jan 26, 2016
Courtesy of Emily Sevin/Resized and cropped

  Today’s local music is by Quiles & Cloud. They started as a duo, playing the streets of San Francisco in 2011. 

Quiles & Cloud have a much nicer place to perform on this Thursday, January 28th. That’s when they’ll be at the Freight & Salvage Coffee House in Berkeley, starting at 8pm.

Daily news roundup Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Jan 26, 2016
"Farmers Market" by Geoffery Kehrig, used under CC license/Resized and cropped

Here's what's happening in the Bay Area, as curated by KALW news:

Public Utilities Commission Told SF General It's OK To Flush Tons Of Pills Down Toilets // SFist

1/26: Being homeless during the Super Bowl

Jan 26, 2016
  • Super Bowl festivities descend onto the streets some people call home.
  • The executive director of the San Francisco Tenants Union outlines how she plans to fight displacement.
  • Singing in a senior choir has emotional, physical benefits for the elderly.


ADVISORY: This story contains mature content.  

In the 1960s, the Tenderloin was a center for the LGBT community in San Francisco. But even there, they faced discrimination and harassment, often from the police. Felicia Elizondo first came to the Tenderloin from San Jose as a teenager in 1963. It was there that she took part in the Compton’s Cafeteria Riot in 1966, one of the first transgender riots in the country.

Courtesy Super Bowl 50 Host Committee/ resized and cropped


In the next two weeks, more than one million people will flood into the Bay Area to celebrate Super Bowl 50.


Aspen Baker / resized and cropped

Aspen Baker is on a mission to help people listen to each other. Baker’s the founder of Exhale, an Oakland-based non-profit she formed in 2000 after she had an abortion. Baker grew up in a born-again Christian family and abortion wasn’t something she ever thought would happen to her. Until it did. 

"What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye

Jan 25, 2016

Roxanne Murray chose this track because it reminds her of coming of age in the Civil Rights era, with Vietnam, student activism, and Women's Liberation as a backdrop to the music.


Written on the Dock of the Bay is your weekly roundup of bookish events in the wonderfully literary and bookish Bay Area. 



Bay Area Book World Breaking News!  


Illustration by Rich Black.

This is Audiograph—a guessing game featuring the Bay Area’s sonic signatures. Join us for a special anniversary edition this week. 


Daily News Roundup for Monday, January 25 2016

Jan 25, 2016
"Equipment" by Flickr user Tyler. Used under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 / Resized and cropped

Here’s what’s happening in the Bay Area, as curated by KALW News:

San Francisco to Expand Health Insurance Support // New America Media

"The cost of living in San Francisco is so distorted that several thousand city residents who became eligible for health insurance subsidies under the Affordable Care Act almost two years ago still go without insurance, forgo care they need, or use free services intended for the poor.

1/25 - Super Bowl Security

Jan 25, 2016


"Ibi Dreams of Pavement" by Broken Social Scene

Jan 22, 2016

Nina Morente chose this song because of a moment of catharsis at a live concert.


Used under license from Creative Commons

California city bans could be corrected soon… Who smokes what, where? … Teens, cannabis and I.Q…. “Pot purses” arrive… Events, Opinion and more.


Alyssa Kapnik Portraiture

All week long we've been playing you this sound, and asking you to guess what exactly it is and where exactly in the Bay Area we recorded it.

1/21: Best in Show

Jan 21, 2016


Today on Crosscurrents: The viability of virtual reality. An East Bay violinist transitions from classical to jazz. This week's Audiograph mystery sound revealed.

Tune in today at 5 p.m. Audio will be uploaded after the show.