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Today's Local Music: Rogue Wave

Aug 4, 2016

There’s lots of live music in town right now, as you probably know, because the annual Outside Lands music festival comes to Golden Gate Park this weekend, August 5-7. 

Photo by Casey Miner, Resized and Cropped

Imagine that one day you lost your sight. Just like that. If you're a person who can see, close your eyes and try to walk to your kitchen, or the bathroom. No cheating! If you're a person who's already blind, or has low vision, you know what this is like. 


San Francisco schools have a problem. With just over a week left before kids return to the classroom, the district doesn't have enough teachers to teach them.

8/3: Cane trainer

Aug 3, 2016
  • The first day of school is just around the corner—how will the San Francisco's school district cope with a shortage of teachers?
  • We meet a woman who specializes in teaching blind people how to get around in the world. 

The Bye Bye Blackbirds, Cropped and Resized

The Bye Bye Blackbirds describe themselves as 'torchbearers for harmony laden guitar pop in the 21st century.'

This Saturday, August 6th, they will be playing at The Ivy Room in Albany. Music starts at 9 pm. 

8/2: Positive interventions

Aug 2, 2016

From tough neighborhoods to life-saving health careers

Aug 2, 2016
Tammerlin Drummond

I’m with emergency responders Nicolas Kinney and Chris Channell in a green and white Paramedics Plus ambulance racing to a 911 call in Fremont. We bump over train tracks and swerve through mid-afternoon traffic.

Tammy Drummond


Every Wednesday afternoon, a science classroom in a West Oakland middle school fills up with kids that hang out there by choice. It's become a sanctuary for the neighborhood. Why?

Photo courtesy of Jessica Jones



A study by the city of Oakland recently found that only 25% of adults in the Town eat five servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Among African Americans, the number is even lower.

StoryCorps: A mother remembers growing up in India

Aug 1, 2016

Sreedevi Doctor talks with her daughter, Sachi, about the shock of arriving in the U.S. as an immigrant from India and what she misses most from home. 

Incubating the future at Singularity University

Aug 1, 2016
Photo courtesy of Singularity Education Group

At Singularity University thought leaders, Nobel Prize winners and rocket surgeons put their heads together. They have one mission: design a product or service that will positively impact one billion people within 10 years. Their projects range from room temperature superconductivity to 3-D printed flesh—with no directive toward profit.

Photo courtesy of Liza Veale

If you follow pop culture at all you’ve probably figured out what Pokemon Go is. It’s a smartphone game that uses GPS to create a scavenger hunt for little creatures out in the world around you. Except, they’re not really there—they appear on your phone, planted on the screen amongst what is really there. It’s called augmented reality.

Can you guess this Bay Area sound? July 31, 2016

Aug 1, 2016
Illustration by Rich Black.


This is Audiograph — the Bay Area’s sonic signature. Each week, we’ll play you a sound recorded somewhere in the Bay Area.

Today we feature San Francisco's Kronos Quartet. For more than 40 years they've combined musical exploration with a commitment to continually re-imagine what a string quartet can do.

8/1: Tech addiction

Aug 1, 2016

Used under CC (modifications allowed / cropped)

Bay Area works to meet new state rules ... Counties prepare for legalization ... Richmond wants to be cannabis hub ... Find out where the most pot is consumed ... and more.

Kyle Trefny

THE INTERSECTION is one of the most ambitious reporting projects to come out of KALW. It's a podcast that explores change in the Bay Area one street corner at a time.

Aaron Campbell (used with permission)

Today we feature the pop-rock sounds of Felsen, from West Oakland.

Felsen will be playing the Ivy Room in Albany on Saturday, July 30th. Music starts around 9pm. And remember their motto: Felsen loves you.

Daily News Roundup for Thursday, July 28, 2016

Jul 28, 2016

Here's what's happening in the Bay Area, as curated by KALW news:

Silicon Valley Elites Get Home Loans With No Money Down // Bloomberg

“It turns out that even the well-off need help in a housing market as crazy as the one in the San Francisco Bay area, and lenders are elbowing each other in a rush to provide it.

Brass Magic, Resized and Cropped

We feature a lot of string-based music on Crosscurrents, but not today. Today it’s all brass, courtesy of a band called Brass Magic.

Brass Magic is from Oakland, and they will be playing at the Joe Henderson Lab in the SFJAZZ center on Thursday, July 28th, starting at 8pm. It’s a standing room only show — that’s the way they like it, so the audience is sure to dance!


Daily News Roundup for Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Jul 27, 2016
flickr CC user Steve Rhodes, resized and recropped

Here's what's happening in the Bay Area, as curated by KALW news:


What Jerry Brown Won't Tell The DNC About California // Forbes


Is San Francisco a dying city for artists?

Jul 26, 2016
Ted Andersen

Along the bustling corridor of San Francisco’s Mid-Market neighborhood stands a one hundred year-old former furniture store. It houses a colony of people who don’t have a lot of space in the city anymore: working-class artists.

Bay Area residents voice their views on the upcoming presidential election

Jul 26, 2016
Allison Levitsky

The minds of many in the Bay Area are in Philadelphia this week, where top Democrats from around the nation have gathered for their national convention — right off the heels of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. How is all this affecting us back here at home? We’ve been sending reporters around the Bay Area to find out.

Our friends at Youth Radio in Oakland sent a contingent of reporters to Cleveland last week for the Republican National Convention. Reporter Soraya Shockley spoke to KALW's Ben Trefny about her experience covering the convention, and interviewing former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele.

Youth Radio


Our friends at Youth Radio in Oakland sent a contingent of reporters to Philadelphia last week for the Democratic National Convention. One of them was Miles Bess. KALW’s Ben Trefny spoke with him about his experience inside and outside the convention.


7/26: Dispatch from the DNC

Jul 26, 2016

Today on Crosscurrents: Bay Area residents voice their views about the upcoming presidential election. Youth Radio dispatches from the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. A colony of artists in San Francisco faces eviction.

Photo courtesy of Nigel Poor


For the past six years, inmates and staff at San Quentin State Prison have raised $40,000 for the Avon Breast Cancer Foundation by holding walkathons inside the prison gates. SQPR reporter Earlonne Woods tells us why they walk.


Photo cropped and resized with permission from flickr user Caitlin Regan

Maria Su is the executive director of the San Francisco Department for Children Youth and Their Families.  They work together with the city and community organizations to improve the life of kids and parents. Hear her speak about the new Paid Parental Leave Ordinance in San Francisco, and what it means for families in the city.

Parents plan for paid family leave in San Francisco

Jul 25, 2016
Lisa Bartfai


Rents and cost of living in the Bay Area are still on the rise, but San Francisco families will soon start seeing some relief: the city has a new family leave law that will come into effect in January of 2017.


7/25: Family Leave

Jul 25, 2016