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Today on Crosscurrents:

  • Going up in a crane to see what San Francisco’s development boom looks like from a bird’s-eye view.
  • A profile of dancer Carlos Carvajal.
  • Finding the right note in a garden full of pianos.

Bryon Malik


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Evergreen Cemetery is famous for its service to the community of East Oakland. For example, Huey P. Newton, the co-founder of the Black Panther Party was cremated here.

Courtesy of 4&20 Blackbirds


African Americans are disproportionately incarcerated for marijuana charges. That’s true nationwide, and in Oakland, too.

7/12: Equity in the cannabis industry

Jul 12, 2017


Today on Crosscurrents:

  • A new program designed to give communities ravaged by the War on Drugs a leg up in the legal pot industry.
  • A quiet cemetery in East Oakland that hides a long history.  

By Flickr user mlinksva, used under CC / Resized and cropped

Earlier this year, Oakland City Council voted to stop banking with JPMorgan Chase because of the corporation’s investment in causes like the Dakota Access Pipeline and private prisons.

7/11: Oakland contemplates its very own bank

Jul 11, 2017

Today on Crosscurrents:

  • How some people in Oakland are trying start one of the nation’s first city-run banks
  • From 99 Percent Invisible, a look at the rich history of Colma

Peter Belanger


This weekend, a long-awaited, brand new housing development will open up in San Francisco.

Sonia Paul

These days, it’s known mostly as a techie destination, but the Bay Area has a long history with analog gaming. There are several dozen social board gaming groups in the region.

Today on Crosscurrents:

  • As housing units open up at San Francisco’s Shipyard, we look back at this massive redevelopment in the city’s Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood
  • From The Moth, a local author grapples with his wife’s mental illness  

By Pixabay user GAD-BM. Licensed under Creative Commons CC0/cropped.

Lines out the door as Nevada intros recreational cannabis ... Can CBD soothe doggy panic? ... and more. 

Corinne Smith

Walking into the San Francisco Library in Bernal Heights on a Saturday afternoon, I see it’s packed with excited, brightly clad kids and caregivers here for story time. Instead of a librarian, they’re circled around a tall figure. Wearing a black sequined gown, stilettos, and a platinum blonde wig, and seated with a book in her long painted nails, it's Yves St. Croissant, aka Sean Santos, one of San Francisco’s beloved Drag Queens.


“My only friend in the whole wide world is a hippo named boo boo butt," reads St. Croissant. "Yay!”

Buskers of San Francisco: Ron

Jul 6, 2017
photo by CC Flickr user Mauro Hiroshi Cannas, resized and recropped

If you wander around Bay Area cities, you know that street musicians are a dynamic part of the soundscape.

CC Flickr user Matt Straton, resized and recropped

Cleo Cloman has spent over two decades behind bars for murder.


The Oakland Police Department’s own investigation into the Bay Area police sexual exploitation scandal was “wholly inadequate” and “defective.”

7/6: The state of the Oakland Police Department

Jul 6, 2017


Today on Crosscurrents:

  • Recapping recent turmoil at the Oakland Police Department
  • A man incarcerated for over two decades reenters society with a newfound friendship with his parents
  • A profile of a trumpet player whose stage is the streets of San Francisco
  • The answer behind this week's Audiograph mystery sound

Buskers of San Francisco: Dillard

Jul 5, 2017
CC Flickr user Janelle, resized and recropped

If you wander around Bay Area cities, you know that street musicians are a dynamic part of the soundscape.

Lance Gardner spent some time meeting many of San Francisco's buskers, and he produced a series of profiles.

In this one, we meet Dillard, an accordion player at Sutter and Stockton. 

7/5: The rise of tabletop gaming

Jul 5, 2017


Today on Crosscurrents

  • A look at the dramatic growth of tapletop gaming in the Bay Area
  • Reflecting back on one of the West Coast's most influential nightclubs
  • Another installment in our continued series profiling the street musicians of San Francisco

Buskers of San Francisco: Cordell

Jun 29, 2017
Photo by CC Flickr user Yutaka Seki, resized and recropped

If you wander around Bay Area cities, you know that street musicians are a dynamic part of the soundscape.

Lance Gardner spent some time meeting many of San Francisco's buskers, and he produced a series of profiles.

In this one, we meet Cordell, a bassist at the Powell street cable car turnaround.



Challenging assumptions about contact improvisation dance

Jun 29, 2017
Craig Baurley



If you don’t know much about dance, seeing contact improvisation might be a little puzzling.

Going swimming? Check the "beach poo" Twitter bot

Jun 29, 2017
Marissa Ortega-Welch

Getting into the bay at Aquatic Park (with no wetsuit!) on a cold, foggy morning in San Francisco —  the water quality was not my top concern.  

6/29: Is the water we swim in clean?

Jun 29, 2017

Today on Crosscurrents:

  • Diving into the issue of water quality in swimming spots in the Bay
  • How one dance form encourages physical closeness in unfamiliar ways
  • The second in our series profiling San Francisco street musicians 

Buskers of San Francisco: Larry

Jun 28, 2017
CC Flicker user Cristina Tosi, resized and recropped

If you wander around Bay Area cities, you know that street musicians are a dynamic part of the soundscape.

Laura Wenus / KALW

An abandoned industrial building on the southern border of San Francisco’s Mission District is about to become the city’s newest Navigation Center.

6/28: Evaluating San Francisco's Navigation Centers

Jun 28, 2017

Today on Crosscurrents:

  • We go to the Mission District, where the first navigation center opened up to see whether the city’s investment is paying off

  • A conversation with Mission Local reporter Laura Waxmann about the state of SF's navigation centers

  • The first in a new series profiling San Francisco street musicians


The real story behind the Summer of Love

Jun 27, 2017
Photo by CC Flickr user Jennifer Boyer, resized and recropped


Understandably, many of us assume the Summer of Love was the pinnacle of the Hippie movement in the Bay Area and beyond. But the reality is a lot more complicated.

Today's music is Stymie & The Pimp Jones Luv Orchestra. This San Francisco band has been performing in one form or another since 1996.  Stymie & The Pimp Jones Luv Orchestra fill the stage at the Ivy Room in Albany on Friday (6/30), along with two other bands. 

6/27: The Making of the Summer of Love

Jun 27, 2017

Today on Crosscurrents:

  • Taking stock of the Summer of Love as San Francisco celebrates its 50th Anniversary. A special presentation of The Intersection brought to you by KALW News.  

By Pixabay user ComfyTree. Licensed under Creative Commons CC0/cropped.

California Med & Rec rules combined ... Nevada rec laws stall ... Marijuana use increases at Oregon colleges, so do vehicle accidents in legal states ... and more.

Eli Wirtschafter

It’s a sunny Friday afternoon. Three guys riding bicycles meet on a corner in downtown San Francisco, where they disguise themselves as city employees. Sort of.

Audrey Dilling

At the end of a narrow alley off of International Boulevard, through the open doorway of El ColectíVelo bike shop, I’m greeted by a young boy.

“R.B.! It’s the lady here for you!” he shouts.

“R.B.” are initials I’ll hear shouted out a lot of today. They stand for Reggie Burnett. He’s the leader here.