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Thu May 2, 2013
Arts & Culture

Local Music: Major Powers & the Lo-Fi Symphony

Does this music remind you of Queen? That’s not by accident. But “Major Powers and the Lo-Fi Symphony” isn’t a tribute band; they’re the inventors of what they call Adventure Rock. It may surprise you that all of this sound comes from a trio, and the trio is from Crockett, California. You can see for yourself how three people can make this much music when they play at San Francisco’s Café du Nord on Sunday May 5, with two other bands. Music starts at 7pm.

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Wed May 1, 2013

In Mexico, talk of immigration reform raises hopes for visits home

Santiago Dominguez (bottom right) poses with his children, grandchildren, and a portrait of his daughter Rosa Fabiana, who is in Arizona
Jude Joffe-Block

On a recent Sunday, almost a dozen family members gather at the home of their patriarch, 82-year-old Santiago Dominguez. His home is in the town of Tepeapulco, in the Central Mexican state of Hidalgo.

A lone portrait sits on a shelf of a dark haired young woman. It is Dominguez’s daughter.

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Wed May 1, 2013

Labor unions have a big stake in immigration reform

A San Diego union says these housekeepers without legal immigration status were fired because workers at their hotel were trying to organize.
Adrian Florido

As head of the 800,000-member Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, Maria Elena Durazo is one of the nation’s most powerful union leaders, and a key player in the ongoing immigration reform negotiations. But before her current post, she led a hotel workers’ union. She said one of the hardest parts of the job was convincing workers who were in the country illegally to organize. They feared they could be easily fired, and she said that fear had rippling implications.

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Wed May 1, 2013

Gang of Eight's new pathways to citizenship

The hotly anticipated bill to overhaul our nation's immigration system is expected to be presented Tuesday by a bipartisan group of senators. At stake are the lives of at least 11 million — that’s the number of people living here without proper immigration documents.

From articles, interviews and tweets, we've pieced together what the proposal has in mind for different types of immigrant populations — long-term illegal residents, farm workers and felons, to name a few.

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Wed May 1, 2013

Young immigrants torn between their future and their families

Carlos Hernandez Martinez, at the Undocumented Student Program, UC Berkeley
Luis Flores

Tucked away in the student center at University of California Berkeley, the Undocumented Student Program is designed to be a national model. It makes college possible for students without legal status.

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