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Thu February 28, 2013
Arts & Culture

Today’s Local Music: Before the Brave

Call it Folk Rock or call it America, the style of music featured here is all over the place these days. This particular band, from San Francisco, is known as Before the Brave. They list Ryan Adams and Arcade Fire among their influences.

They’ll be opening for Thao & the Get Down Stay Down – another Bay Area band – on Saturday March 2 at the Great American Music Hall, as part of this year’s Noise Pop festival.


Wed February 27, 2013

Crosscurrents: February 28, 2013

How do we define wilderness?; Brain Vitamin: Is desalination a viable solution to water shortages?; and Science commentary: The low-oxygen ocean lifestyle.

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Wed February 27, 2013
Arts & Culture

Arts/Culture/Weekend: Noise Pop, silent film and sea chanteys

Fresh and Onlys
David Black

I used to think festival season was all about summertime magic, bare feet, desert sands and palm trees. But one of the wonders of living in a seasonal twilight-zone like San Francisco is a festival can strike at any time,! Noise Pop is here, a springtime selection of independent music, art and film. There are events going all week so check out the schedule and take your pick. Here are mine, for this week's Arts/Culture/Weekend:

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Wed February 27, 2013
Health, Science, Environment

Science commentary: The low-oxygen ocean lifestyle

The floor of the Pacific Ocean.
Under CC license from Flickr user Matt McGee

When we talk about climate change, it’s easy to get stuck in our terrestrial mammal mindset. Let’s face it: most of us are total dry land chauvinists. The only time we even notice something’s happening to the ocean is when it’s gnawing away at our coastline. But something else is going on just beneath the surface. Certain sections of the ocean are losing oxygen – and that’s just as bad for sea creatures as it would be for us.

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Tue February 26, 2013

StoryCorps: Street violence comes home

Darwin Farrar lived his childhood in a violent area of 1960s Pasadena, CA. Where he lived, the neighborhood paperboy Wilbert had an abusive mother named Bonnie. Bonnie was known to be violent. One day she brought that violence into Darwin’s home, but his mom would not have it.

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