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Wed November 14, 2012

What it takes to keep BART rolling

Photo by Casey Miner

You might think BART stations would be quiet at 2am. The platforms are empty, no trains rushing through. But they’re not quiet. In fact, the noise is deafening.

Huge machines run back and forth on long stretches of track, grinding down rails and carrying new ones. Crews deep in the tunnels take huge saws to pieces of metal and cranes drop other pieces on the ground.

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Wed November 14, 2012
Health, Science, Environment

Radical Idea: Trans-Bay bike path

Rendering of the bike lane planned for the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge

The new Eastern span of the Bay Bridge opens in 10 months. It will make for a seismically safe and beautiful ride for motorists, but for bicyclists ­­– not so much.

For two years, bicyclists will have to turn around before they reach Yerba Buena Island, because the old Eastern span will be in the way. And once it’s gone, they’ll have to turn around at the island anyway, because there are no plans to connect the path to San Francisco.

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Wed November 14, 2012

Prop F went down the drain, but water issues remain

The only local ballot measure San Franciscans rejected on Election Day was Measure F. It would have prompted an $8 million study into taking down the O’Shaugnessy Dam and Hetch Hetchy Reservoir in Yosemite National Park, which currently supplies water for San Francisco and dozens of other Bay Area counties.

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Wed November 14, 2012

Crosscurrents: November 14, 2012

Inmates in Richmond work to combat violence, a Hear Here story on being reformed in court, an inmate-commentary in favor of repealing the death penalty, what goes on in the BART tunnels in the wee hours, making the Bay Bridge accessible to bikes, and local musicians Alex Pinto Trio.

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Wed November 14, 2012
Cops & Courts

Richmond inmate program bridging gap between prisoners and the outside

A meeting of the San Quentin Richmond Project.
Courtesy of

With one of the highest crime rates in the country, Richmond, California, is a regular on the evening news.

Zoom out to just California and that crime rate looks even higher: the city’s murder rate is seven times that of neighboring San Francisco, and more than twice as high as Oakland’s. Only nine miles west of Richmond is San Quentin State Prison.

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