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Wed December 5, 2012

Oakland library begins a fresh chapter at a new location

Signs welcome patrons at the new location of the Piedmont library
Ashleyanne Krigbaum

As I walk into the new Piedmont Branch of the Oakland Public Library, I see what looks like a library: librarians quietly working, people reading, and there are walls filled with books.

Branch manager, Jenera Burton has been working on the relocation of the library for about two years.

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Wed December 5, 2012
Cops & Courts

Controversial drones may be coming to Alameda County

The word drone may conjure up images of remote-controlled planes firing missiles and killing terrorists in Pakistan and Afghanistan. But in the US, police departments are seeking the same technology to save lives.

Alameda County’s sheriff has expressed interest in adding the unmanned aerial system to his public safety arsenal, but civil liberty activists are blasting the idea as a further erosion of privacy and an abuse of power.

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Wed December 5, 2012

Crosscurrents: December 5, 2012

Controversial drones may be coming to Alameda County; Cannabis News; and an Oakland library begins a fresh chapter at a new location.

This episode features the following music, all by Dave Brubeck:

1. "Danse Duet" from Countdown: Time In Outer Space (1962)

2.  "Winter Ballad" from Jazz Impressions of New York (1964)

3. "Far More Blue" from Time Further Out (1961)

4. "Time In" from Time In (1966)

5. "Three To Get Ready" from Time Out (1959)

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Wed December 5, 2012

Will Durst: Traffic report approaching the fiscal cliff

Will Durst

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It's ugly out there, people! As expected, following the holiday recess, we're seeing a lot of bluster and bombast building up on the beltway and that has managed to slow progress on every budget deal ramp to a virtual crawl. Three or four 18-wheelers full of election day rancor have overturned. And as you might have imagined, rubber-necking has resulted in not so tender fender benders. 

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Tue December 4, 2012

Bringing the Israeli-Palestinian conversation into the living room

Len Traubman has hosted the Jewish-Palestinian Dialogue in his living room for 20 years
Under CC license from Flickr user dakini

Many air strikes were launched by Israel in Gaza City over the past few weeks in response to Palestinian rocket attacks on Israeli cities. Since that moment, the violence in the region has subsided after a cease-fire. The Palestinians made a successful bid to upgrade their UN status, and Israel announced it would build 3,000 new settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. So the situation remains as tense and volatile as ever.

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