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Thu July 26, 2012
Arts & Culture

Olympic table tennis born in the South Bay

The US dominates in many Olympic sports – track and field, swimming, basketball. But, one sport the US has never won a medal for is table tennis.

This year, the US team is hoping to change that. It’s going to be challenging. Only 4 players qualified to compete on the 2012 US Olympic Table Tennis team. Three of those four live and train right here in the Bay Area at an unlikely Olympic training ground – a converted warehouse that’s part of the Indian Community Center in Milpitas (ICC).

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Thu July 26, 2012

Reporting on the Olympics, an interview with Scott Ostler


Every two years, the Olympic spotlight shines most brightly on the athletes participating in the games. Amidst all the glamour and commotion some people who most of us don’t think too much about are the journalists, those tireless foot soldiers who bring the games to your screens and speakers. Well, we thought about them. What is it like to be a reporter covering the most prestigious sports competition on earth? We put that question to San Francisco Chronicle reporter Scott Ostler.


Thu July 26, 2012

Hear Here: Meet Anna Zhu and Alison Zhao

Anna Zhu and Alison Zhao shared their story at Alemany Farms in San Francisco.

Anna Zhu and Alison Zhao are cousins. They shared their thoughts on family dinner in the U.S. as American-born Chinese with the producers of our new community storytelling initiative, Hear Here: A Pop-Up Radio Project.

For more information about Hear Here: A Pop-Up Radio Project, click here. You can also find the project on Facebook and follow it on Twitter at@hearhereradio


Wed July 25, 2012

Cannabis news roundup

(LA Times) // The Los Angeles City Council passed a total ban on cannabis dispensaries July 24. It doesn’t directly impact dispensaries in other parts of the state, other than to add to the air of uncertainty surrounding the industry.

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Wed July 25, 2012

Crosscurrents: July 25, 2012

The bullet train is back on track; Occupy: still intense, just not in tents; a cannabis news round-up; Hear Here: Xiao Juan Shu's search for happiness; and local band The Bachelors.