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Mon May 7, 2012
morning News Roundup

Connecting the Dots: Top news stories for Monday, May 7, 2012

(Sacramento Bee) // The number of California high school graduates attending out-of-state colleges is rapidly increasing, leading some experts to warn of a potential “brain drain…”  

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Thu May 3, 2012

Crosscurrents: May 3, 2012

Workers in the Golden Gate Bridge Labor Coalition strike, documentary filmmaker Terrence Nance, meeting a batting cage instructor in Burlingame, SF comedian Will Durst on the presidential elections, and local musicians Boca do Rio.


Thu May 3, 2012
Health, Science, Environment

New Lands End vista point designed to be out of view

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Many visitors to San Francisco’s western neighborhoods enjoy the sweeping ocean view from above the ruins of the Sutro Baths. But, it’s pretty windy out there, which makes it difficult to enjoy at times. That is part of the reason for the new visitors center that opened there over the weekend. Catherine Barner is Vice President of Projects and Stewardship for the Golden Gate Parks National Conservancy.

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Thu May 3, 2012
Arts & Culture

Oakland director explores love in new film

A documentary by Oakland filmmaker Terence Nance made a big impression at the San Francisco International Film Festival. It’s called An Oversimplification of Her Beauty. It’s as much a multimedia work of art as it is a movie. Nance wrote, directed, starred in, and wrote music for the film, which explores the mind of a man who is falling in love. KALW contributor Kevin Robinson sat down with Nance to talk about an earlier film by Nance called How Do You Feel.

TERRENCE NANCE: It has a very experimental feel to it.


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Thu May 3, 2012

Will Durst: Pivoting pollsters

Now that the general election has unofficially begun, you and I and pretty much everybody dear to us, except for Kansas City Royals fans, are about to be buried under a blizzard of polls.

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