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Mon February 6, 2012
Arts & Culture

Colonial Donuts, Oakland's late-night hot spot

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Colonial Donuts has been at 3318 Lakeshore Ave in Oakland since the 1970s. There used to be many other cafés that stayed open past 9pm, but these days Colonial is one of the only 24-hour establishments in the city. It’s become a bit of a hot spot. On any given weekend night, the place is packed. Local teenagers flock to Colonial for its freshly fried donuts. Young men that probably wouldn’t normally hang out together play competitive speed chess for hours on end. Mills College reporter paid a visit to the infamous donut shop and brought back this account.

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Mon February 6, 2012

Crosscurrents: February 6, 2012

A special tour of Oakland, brought to you by student reporters at Mills College in Oakland. The Charlotte Maxwell Clinic, People's Credit Union, Niroga Yoga Institute, Colonial Donuts, and local musician Andre Thierry and the Zydeco Magic.


Mon February 6, 2012
Health, Science, Environment

Indroducing social flexibility through yoga

photo courtesy of Niroga Center

There are thousands of yoga studios all over the Bay Area. They usually cater to people who can pay the $15-20 class fee. But the Nirgoa Institute in Berkeley offers classes to low-income senior citizens, incarcerated youth, homeless shelters and inner city high school students.

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Mon February 6, 2012

A Shadow Of Acceptance: Growing Up Overweight

Derek Williams
Photo courtesy of Turnstyle News

By: Derek Williams

I’m so bowlegged that my older brother says I look like I’ve been riding a bull since the day I was born. I stand five foot seven and weigh 380 pounds.

Some days when my knees are giving me a lot of pain I’ll look over at my shadow doing a slow pigeon toed wobble down the street, and I just think to myself how gross and unhealthy I look.

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Mon February 6, 2012

Connecting the dots: Afternoon edition for Monday, February 6, 2012

About 50 people gathered today on the steps of Oakland’s City Hall for a slightly ironic purpose: to protest against protesters – specifically “Occupy Oakland” protestors. The group of activists is calling themselves “Stand for Oakland.” They say they have come together because they are tired of the vandalism in Oakland caused by the Occupy movement…

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