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Mon October 28, 2013

Crosscurrents: October 28, 2013

Closing San Francisco's parks at night, a San Quentin Prison report on self-help groups inside prison, a Hear Here on the power of helping, the second installment of Highland Hospital Storycorps, and local musicians The Temescal String Quartet.


Mon October 28, 2013
Arts & Culture

StoryCorps: A long relationship with Highland Hospital

Laura Sargent and Bruce Bauer from Highland Hospital



From time to time, the StoryCorps team goes mobile, and collects interviews at specific sites around the Bay Area. This piece is part of a series of interviews that took place at Highland Hospital in East Oakland.

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Mon October 28, 2013
Cops & Courts

From self-help groups to self-made man

Reporter Tommy Shakur Ross


KALW has partnered with radio producers inside California's oldest prison to bring you the San Quentin Prison Report, a series of stories focusing on the experiences of these men, written and produced by those living inside the prison's walls.

James Houston says that when he was imprisoned in 1996 at age 21, he was an angry, self-centered, rebellious man who felt he had no purpose in life.

“When I committed my crime, all I saw was me and my victim,” he says. “I didn't realize that I had damaged not only his life, but also his family and [that] it had an effect on the community.”

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Mon October 28, 2013

San Francisco's supervisors to consider closing city's parks at night

A sign on an entrance to Golden Gate Park. The new proposal would be a citywide night time closure, and make it easier to enforce night time park closures.
Mary Willis

On Tuesday, San Francisco supervisors will consider legislation to close the city’s parks overnight. If passed, no one will be allowed in parks run by the city's recreation department between midnight and 5am.

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Sat October 26, 2013
Arts & Culture

Can you guess the Audiograph sound this week? October 26, 2013

Poster designed by Rich Black

This is Audiograph--the Bay Area’s sonic signature. 

Each week, we’ll play you a sound recorded somewhere in the Bay Area. Your job? Listen to the sound (in the player above), figure out where it was recorded, and what exactly it is, then call us to let us know.

If you think you can identify this Audiograph sound of the week, call 415-264-7106. Also, tell us where to record next. We’ll give away a KALW t-shirt every week to one lucky caller. 

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