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Out in the Bay - Gay Radio from San Francisco    

Queer histories, herstories, personalities and issues are explored with humor, insight, and sensitivity each week on Out in the Bay.  We've been called “the gay Fresh Air” and even "the gay Tavis Smiley." We’ve interviewed such celebrities as film directors Ang Lee and John Waters, comedians Margaret Cho and Marga Gomez, singers Leslie Gore and Michael Feinstein,  actors, authors and more.  We’ve also featured historians, scholars, and activists -- including Phyllis Lyon and the late Del Martin -- with compelling stories about the reality of LGBT life. 

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Matchmaker, Matchmaker!

Oct 13, 2011

Marilyn talks with Dr. Frankie and Soniyah Singh, two matchmakers in the Bay area. Dr. Frankie works with lesbians only and Soniyah works only with gay men. Is it harder to find love if you're gay? Do gay men have trouble coupling, while lesbians couple too easily? You'll hear how they coach their clients to get ready to meet the right person, what challenges they face, along with some of their client stories. - air date Oct 13, 2011

Golden States of Grace

Oct 6, 2011

Documentary photographer Rick Nahmias spent more than 3 years researching, photographing, and taking oral histories of 11 California faith communities outside the religious mainstream -- including transgender hookers in San Francisco's Tenderloin who worship Santa Muerte, felons who practice Zen meditation inside San Quentin, and an AIDS ashram in West Hollywood. The result is a touching multi-media traveling exhibit and book, Golden States of Grace: Prayers of the Disinherited.

Heeeeere's Marga!

Sep 29, 2011

One of the first openly gay comedians talks to one of the other first openly gay comedians! Marga Gomez, who's been on "Comic Relief" on HBO and Logo gay comedy specials, along with headlining on the LGBT circuit for many years, talks with Marilyn about her new show, "Not Getting Any Younger," now at The Marsh in San Francisco.  

Caring for Queer Elders

Sep 22, 2011

Are lesbian, gay and transgender seniors getting proper and respectful care in nursing homes, day-care centers and in their own homes? In Alameda County, the news from a ground-breaking state-funded study is mostly good, but it shows room for improvement. Dan Ashbrook of the non-profit group Lavender Seniors just finished conducting a series of care-giver trainings also funded by the government grant.

Eric Jansen's guest is writer and journalist Mike Weiss, whose gripping book Double Play: The Hidden Passions Behind the Double Assassination of George Moscone & Harvey Milk is a fascinating account of why Dan White did it and a fascinating look at the modern history of San Francisco and gay politics. Weiss covered Dan White's double-murder trial and the White Night Riots for Time, Rolling Stone and the Los Angeles Times. He was hooked, had to know more, spent years researching and writing, and the result is Double Play, which won an Edgar Award for Best True Crime Book of the Year.