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Daniel Alarcón

Radio Ambulante is a Spanish-language podcast showcasing compelling stories from around Latin America and the United States. It is produced at KALW 91.7fm in San Francisco, and our fiscal sponsor is the Foundation for National Progress.

Our goal is to create a community of storytellers and listeners from around Latin America and the U.S. who want to promote and create sound-rich, informative, narrative, and diverse stories about Latinos.

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Mon June 24, 2013

Radio Ambulante: El equipo fantasma / The Phantom Team

Estadio Santiago de Chile

Soccer, politics and protest are often a combustible mix. The Chilean national team of 1973 became a symbol of a divided country after the coup that brought General Augusto Pinochet to power. Producer Dennis Maxwell has the inside story of a team and a game that never should have happened. Special thanks to Annie Murphy and Camila Segura who edited this piece.

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Fri June 14, 2013

Radio Ambulante: El exilio de Manuel Zelaya / The Exile of Manuel Zelaya

José Manuel Zelaya Rosales, President of Honduras (2006-2009)

Honduras is in the news these days for winning the most undesired title of murder capital of the world.

But in 2009, the headlines coming out of Honduras were about the coup of then-president Manuel Zelaya.

The story of his coup was heard around the world, but Zelaya's personal story is far less known. Annie Murphy traveled to Honduras to speak with Zelaya himself, and hear his version of the story we all think we know.

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Mon May 27, 2013
Arts & Culture

Radio Ambulante: Yadira, Javier y Lucía

Lucia looks through old photos of when she met Yadira. Lucia says she tried really hard to be macho back when she was living as Javier
Rosa M. Ramirez

Javier and Yadira met, they fell in love, and they created a life together. But sometimes, relationships change in a way people don't expect. Rosa M. Ramirez investigated this story, and it is narrated by Nancy López.

Javier y Yadira se conocieron, se enamoraron e hicieron una vida juntos. Pero a veces, las relaciones cambian de la manera más inesperada. Esta historia fue investigada por Rosa M. Ramirez, y está narrada por Nancy López.

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Mon May 13, 2013
Arts & Culture

Radio Ambulante: El chamán / The Shaman

Clouds over Bogotá, Colombia
Flickr user AnnGrlk CC License

The intense winter rains of 2011 left thousands of Colombians flooded out of their homes and claimed hundreds of lives. That same year, a man named Jorge Elías González became infamous for taking public money to keep the skies clear over Bogotá. Melba Escobar tells us his story.

Las intensas lluvias del invierno del 2011 dejaron a miles de colombianos sin casas y cientos de muertos. Ese mismo año, un hombre llamado Jorge Elías González se volvió famoso por cobrar dineros públicos para mantener el cielo de Bogotá despejado. Melba Escobar nos cuenta su historia.

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Mon May 13, 2013
Arts & Culture

Radio Ambulante: Los punketos / The Punks

Punk Frida graffiti in Oaxaca, Mexico
Flickr user wojohowitz CC License

Miguel and Alfredo cross the US-Mexico border and arrive in New York City, where they meet, and build a friendship based on a love of punk music. This piece was produced by Eric Pearse Chávez with help from Anayansi Díaz-Cortes, Leo del Aguila, Betto Arcos, and Lu Olkowski.

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