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Daniel Alarcón

Radio Ambulante is a Spanish-language podcast showcasing compelling stories from around Latin America and the United States. It is produced at KALW 91.7fm in San Francisco, and our fiscal sponsor is the Foundation for National Progress.

Our goal is to create a community of storytellers and listeners from around Latin America and the U.S. who want to promote and create sound-rich, informative, narrative, and diverse stories about Latinos.

Our podcast is available for streaming and download on,  iTunes, SoundCloud, and Stitcher.



Mon May 13, 2013
Arts & Culture

Radio Ambulante: La caída de River / The Fall of River Plate

River Plate fans
Flickr user DanielHP Under CC License

In 2011, River Plate, one of the most famous soccer clubs in South America, was relegated to the Argentine Second Division. From Buenos Aires, Cristian Alarcón shares the story of a soccer catastrophe that shook an entire nation.

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Fri April 26, 2013
Arts & Culture

Radio Ambulante: Junot Díaz and Francisco Goldman in Conversation with Daniel Alarcón

Daniel Alarcón, Francisco Goldman, Junot Diaz (February 2013)
Courtesy of Radio Ambulante

In February 2013, Radio Ambulante put on a live show in New York City. We presented some of our best stories from our pilot season in English and Spanish, but we kicked off the evening with a conversation between novelists Junot Díaz and Francisco Goldman and Radio Ambulante's Executive Producer Daniel Alarcón.

This conversation is about the art of translation, on what it's like to write stories about Latinos in English, and about the relationship each author has with Latin America.

Note: this conversation contains explicit language.


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Fri April 12, 2013
Arts & Culture

Radio Ambulante: Otro País / Another Country

Aeropuerto Internacional de Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini, Buenos Aires, Argentina CC License

A Korean woman, twenty Chinese immigrants on their way to the United States, and the Argentine mafia helping to get them there. This is the story of “Alejandra,” who moves from Seoul to Buenos Aires, and almost by accident, ends up working for a criminal organization. Special thanks to the composer Marcio Doctor, who created the soundscape that accompanies this piece.

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Thu March 21, 2013
Arts & Culture

Radio Ambulante's English-language special

Radio Ambulante is the new Spanish-language podcast produced at KALW showcasing compelling human stories from around Latin America and the U.S.  Now you can hear the program's first English-language special, including the story of a young Honduran living through the 2009 coup in his country and the true tale of the fictional character behind the controversial phrase "self-deportatio

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