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Sandip Roy
Sandip Roy

Sandip Roy, former host of Your Call and  New America Now, is back on KALW, bringing you a little bit of the story of the new India every week – a letter home from his other home.

A lot has been written about the changing India, says Roy. But reporting about a changing India is one thing. Living in it and dealing with a country where newspapers are still being launched instead of folding, Internet rumors spark mass exoduses, and cricketers advertise skin-whitening creams called Fair and Handsome is another thing.

Sandip Roy’s "Dispatch from Kolkata" can be heard Wednesdays at 7:35am and 4:45pm during KALW’s presentation of Morning Edition and All Things Considered.



Wed September 3, 2014
Dispatch from Kolkata for 9/3/2014

Sandip Roy: Rice Bucket Challenge

Shiva Shankar from Hyderabad gets his niece Vaishnavi from Pune to donate rice to a woman who works there
Rice Bucket Challenge Facebook page

Journalist Manju Latha Kalanidhi in the city of Hyderabad. Says the ice bucket challenge left her cold. Kalanidhi, who works for a rice research website decided instead of aping the Ice Bucket challenge, she could do something a little more Indian and a little less wasteful.

She came up with the Rice Bucket challenge. Take some rice. Give it to a needy person. And challenge your friends to do the same.
Sandip Roy investigates the latest social media challenge and finds out what all this 'Rice' is about.   

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Wed August 27, 2014
Dispatch from Kolkata for 8/27/2014

Sandip Roy explains "RushdieExplainsIndia"

The Twitter account "RushdieExplainsIndia" has attracted 13,000 followers in a very short time. However it isn't owned by Salman Rushdie, but by Rohit Chopra. Sandip Roy asks Mr. Chopra to explain "RushdieExplainsIndia."

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Wed August 20, 2014
Dispatch from Kolkata for 8/20/2014

Sandip Roy: The Sound of India Changed

Happy Independence Day India!

Sandip Roy's Dispatch from Kolkata  for Aug. 20, 2014: the anniversary of Indian Independence Day was Aug. 15th. Sandip Roy reflects on the meaning, and sound, of India old and new.

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Wed August 13, 2014
Dispatches from Kolkata for 8/13/2014

Sandip Roy: Archive of Indian Music

Guahar Jaan

Sandip Roy discovers the long lost sounds of Indian, visiting the Archive of Indian Music


(This is a rebroadcast, as Sandip Roy's Producer is off for two weeks to have a baby. A new Dispatch will be sent on Aug. 20th)

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Tue August 12, 2014
Dispatches from Kolkata for 8/6/2014

Sandip Roy takes one last spin in the Ambassador

Jeet Thayil's Ambassador
Sachin Soni

(Sandip Roy's Producer is off for two weeks to have a baby. A new Dispatch will be sent on Aug. 20th)

Once if you owned a car in India, chances are it was an Ambassador car.  Rotund and roomy, it’s been described as a bowler hat on wheels – it could easily fit four adults, five kids, a dog, and some picnic hampers. It was the 'everyman car' and it's making into its last slow cruise around the block.

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