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Sat August 25, 2012
NPR Story

Not All Chinese Restaurants Are Created Equal

Originally published on Sat August 25, 2012 7:16 am



Hungry? You might give a listen now to David Chan. Mr. Chan is a Los Angeles tax lawyer who says he's eaten in more than 6,000 Chinese restaurants in North America and knows how to identify the best. David Chan joins us on the line now.

Thanks very much for being with us.

DAVID CHAN: Well, thanks for having me, Scott.

SIMON: So what do you look for?

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Fri August 24, 2012
Music Interviews

Selah Sue: From Online Stardom To A Stage With Prince

Originally published on Sat August 25, 2012 8:18 am

Selah Sue performs at NPR headquarters in Washington, D.C.
Coburn Dukehart NPR

Just a small-town girl, living in a lonely world — in Belgium, with her guitar and a MySpace page. That's how Selah Sue used to introduce her music to those outside her hometown: with short videos made between high-school classes and weekend shows at local clubs, posted to her online journal.

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Fri August 24, 2012
Music Interviews

Sean Rowe: An Outdoorsman Enters Civilization

Originally published on Sat August 25, 2012 7:16 am

Sean Rowe's new album is The Salesman and the Shark.
Marius Bugge

Sean Rowe has a voice and a style that stands out in popular music. His voice is deep — really, truly deep — fine, and often doleful. He's a baritone troubadour who sings of roads not taken, regrets and the dreams that shake you awake at 3 in the morning.

After years of working bars, road houses and more bars, Rowe is playing concert stages and winning over critics for his story-songs and that remarkable voice. But, as he tells NPR's Scott Simon, he wasn't always so proud to be a singer.

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Fri August 24, 2012
Music Al Fresco

A Roving Percussionist On The Big Easy's Busy Streets

Originally published on Sat August 25, 2012 9:53 am

Clyde Casey has been performing on the streets of New Orleans for 40 years.
Tegan Wendland

All summer long, Weekend Edition has been bringing listeners the sounds of music played outdoors by all manner of street performers. Of all the cities in America that embrace buskers, New Orleans, with its tradition of jazz and oompah bands at Mardi Gras, may be the most welcoming. It also happens to be a city with a certain eccentric flair — so Weekend Edition wasn't surprised to find Clyde Casey there.

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Sat August 18, 2012

In Wall Street 2.0, Computers Are King

Originally published on Sat August 18, 2012 12:03 pm

Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon talks to Sean Gourley, physicist and founder of quid.com, about the computers that trade stock shares faster than human minds can comprehend.