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Wed June 11, 2014
employment drug testing

Is it Ever Appropriate for Employers to Drug-Test Employees?

On the June 15, 2014 edition of Work with Marty Nemko: Many people accept that employers have the right to drug-test employees and prospective employees. But there are two sides to the issue.

My wife, Barbara Nemko, and I will do a switch-sides-in-the-middle debate. In the first half of the debate, I'll argue that employers--with some limitations--should have that right. In the middle of the debate, I'll take the position that employers don't have that right, ever.

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Wed June 11, 2014
career advice

Need Customized Career Help?

On the June 22, 2014 edition of Work with Marty Nemko, I offer my favorite new career tips plus you can call in for a 3-Minute Workover. Whatever career conundrum is besetting you or someone you care about, I usually can be of help.

Work with Marty Nemko is heard every Sunday from 11 AM to noon on KALW, 91.7 FM in San Francisco and worldwide on The podcast is available for a week on the NPR site and in perpetuity on this page.

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Wed June 4, 2014

What's It Really Like to be a Commercial Fisher?

On the June 8, 2014 edition of Work with Marty Nemko, I talk with Mike Hudson, veteran commercial fisher.  Can you actually make a living sustainably harvesting local salmon? How hard is it? Is it as freezing a venture as it sounds?  Any tricks of the trade? Any ways to be kinder to the fish? Any fish stories?

Plus, in the second half of the show, call in with your career conundrums. I try to help with a Three-Minute Workover.

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Wed May 28, 2014
stress management

Is Work or Home More Stressful?


NPR recently reported that people are more stressed at home than at work. On the June 1, 2014 edition of Work with Marty Nemko, I invite you to call in to share your experiences. In between, I'll offer my favorite new career tips plus take your call-in work questions. I usually can help.

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Fri May 23, 2014

What's Really Best in Management and Leadership?

On the May 11, 2014 edition of Work with Marty Nemko, my wife Barbara Nemko and I kicked around the recommendations in Harvard Business Review's Top 10 Reads on Management and Leadership. For example, we did a switch-sides-in-the-middle debate on whether to err on the side of a more or less collaborative management style.

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