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Patrick Tucker, Deputy Editor of The Futurist

Dec 4, 2011

12/4/11 Patrick Tucker, Deputy Editor of The Futurist and Content Director for the World Futures Society on careers and work in the future. Plus, three-minute Workovers on callers. 

11/27/11.  Should Christmas/Holiday trees be allowed in the workplace? Plus 10 high-satisfaction careers.

Mays and Sloane, co-authors of Fired at 50

Nov 20, 2011

11/20/11. Tucker Mays and Bob Sloane, co-authors of Fired at 50: How to overcome the greatest job-search challenge. Plus call-in three-minute WorkOvers on callers. 

11/13/11.  Barbara and Marty Nemko discuss the new book, How to Win Friends and Influence People in a Digital Age. Plus call-in three-minute WorkOvers on callers

11/6/11 Nora Bensahel, Senior Fellow at the Center for a New American Security on the present and future of military careers 

10/30/11. Top-rated TED Talk presenter, Cameron Herold, on how to create more entrepreneurs plus call-in three-minute career makeovers 

Ways To Build Willpower

Oct 23, 2011


Call-in three-minute career makeovers, plus my favorite new career-related ideas, including ways to build your willpower .


10/16/11.  The second half of my interview with two-time Pulitzer-winning biographer David McCullough. Plus Vivek Wadhwa on lessons from the new generation of Indian and Chinese entrepreneurs: Lessons from China, India, and the U.S

10/9/11. Two-time Pulitzer-winning biographer David McCullough. Plus, Barbara and Marty Nemko discuss the book, 50 Jewish Women Who Changed the World

Life of Being an Organic Farmer

Oct 2, 2011

10/2/11. Josh Thomas of Thomas Farm on what it's really like to be an organic farmer. Plus call-in three-minute career makeovers

9/25/11. Heather Krasna, author of Jobs That Matter: Find a Stable, Fulfilling Career in Public Service. Plus call-in three-minute career makeovers. 

Land a Job with College Degrees

Sep 18, 2011

9/18/11.  No guest. College degrees that might actually land you a good job. Plus call-in 3-minute career and self-employment makeovers

9/11/11.  Barbara and Marty Nemko discuss the book, If I'm So Smart, Why Can't I Lose Weight?

9/4/11.  Pulitzer nominee Arnold Weinstein, author of Morning, Noon, and Night: Finding Meaning of Life's Stages Through Books