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Wed October 1, 2014
Arts & Culture

Your Call Rebroadcast: How are journalists using the web as a platform for storytelling?

On the October 1st, 2014 edition of Your Call, we’ll rebroadcast a conversation with makers of Hollow, an interactive documentary that examines the future of rural America through the eyes and voices of those living in McDowell County, West Virginia.  Viewers can scroll through and click on photos, videos, and timelines to experience an in-depth portrait of this area and its people. What’s the power of technology to enhance news and storytelling? Join us on the next Your Call with me, Rose Aguilar and you.


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Mon September 29, 2014
Health, Science, Environment

Your Call: What is being done to protect the elephants?

photo by Billy Dodson



On the September 30th Your Call, we’ll have a conversation about efforts to combat the rise in elephant poaching. More than 35,000 elephants are being killed every year for their ivory. What other factors threaten elephant populations? How close are elephants to extinction? And what role do these large mammals play in our ecosystem? Join the conversation on the next Your Call, with Rose Aguilar, and you.


Billy Dodson, award winning nature photographer who specializes in African wildlife and landscape

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Sun September 28, 2014
Health, Science, Environment

Your Call:Can Proposition 1 help preserve California’s precious water?

On the September 29th edition Your Call, we’ll have a debate about Proposition 1, the ballot initiative that would authorize a 7-and-a-half billion dollar state bond for water infrastructure projects. Proponents say Proposition 1 will clean up groundwater, expand recycling and storage capacity. Opponents say it’s too vague and does nothing to address long-term water shortages in California. It’s six weeks from Election Day - what questions do you have about Proposition 1?   Join the conversation with David Onek and you.


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Fri September 26, 2014

Your Call: UN General Assembly, climate change & ISIS

Tomahawk Missile fired from United States Warship in war against ISIL/ISIS

On the September 26th edition of Your Call, it’s our Friday media roundtable. This week, we discuss coverage of the People's Climate March and the UN Climate Summit in New York. We will also talk about the United States’ widening military intervention in Iraq and Syria. We’ll be joined by the Guardian’s Suzanne Goldenberg and McClatchy’s Jonathan Landay -- and the Financial Times’ Borzou Daragahi joins us from Baghdad. Join the conversation on the next Your Call with Matt Martin.


Suzanne Goldenberg, US environment correspondent of the Guardian

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Thu September 25, 2014
Health, Science, Environment

Your Call: Will it take a revolution to stop climate change?



On the September 25th, 2014 edition of Your Call, Naomi Klein talks about her new book, “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate”.  Klein says our current economic system can’t cut greenhouse emissions fast enough to prevent permanent warming.  As world leaders converge for the UN Climate Summit, is there still time to make the shift to sustainability?  And what would sustainability mean for the way we live?  Naomi Klein – on the next Your Call, with Hana Baba, and you.    


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