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Fri April 17, 2015
Arts & Culture

99% Invisible: The Arsenal of Exclusion

The Arsenal of Exclusion & Inclusion

On the April 17, 2015 edition of 99% Invisible:

Cities are great. They have movement, activity and diversity. But go to any city and it’s pretty clear, a place can be diverse without really being integrated. This segregation isn’t accidental.

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Fri April 3, 2015


Thu January 15, 2015
Arts & Culture

The Spot: Fajitas & Scrambled Eggs

Illustration by Sasha O. http://itsfuntoknow.tumblr.com

This week on KALW's showcase for the best stories from public radio podcasts and independent radio producers...

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Fri January 2, 2015
99% Invisible 1/2/2015

99% Invisible: Forgotten

where a statue in San Francisco used to be

At the top of Mt. Olympus in San Francisco, on what was once thought to be the geographic center of the city, is a pedestal for a statue that isn’t there. There’s no marker.

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Fri December 19, 2014
Arts & Culture

99% Invisible: For Amusement Only

On this week's episode of 99% Invisible:

Winning an early pinball game was much more about luck than skill, since there were no buttons to activate flippers on the sides. You basically had one action: pull the plunger and watch the ball go. Without the flippers, pinball was a truly a game of chance—perfect for gambling.

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