Wed November 6, 2013
Your Legal Right 7pm 11.06.13

Employment Law -- ADA Issues in the Workplace

Employment Law - the Americans With Disabilities Act Issues in the Workplace. 

Guests:  Employment Law attorneys:  Bryan Schwartz and John Hyland.

Listeners please call with questions or comments for Chuck and his guests: 415-841-4134.  

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Wed July 24, 2013


Mon August 13, 2012

Loopholes in ADA law make "No Pets" clauses nearly impossible to enforce

Image courtesy of East Bay Express

Working in landlord-tenant law, Oakland attorney Clifford Fried has seen his fair share of bogus service animals. But one particular cat owner — unfortunately, or maybe presciently, named Kitty — was exceptional. While renting an apartment in San Mateo County, Kitty began amassing a brood of felines, despite the property's no-pets clause. She already had acquired four cats by the time her landlord got wind of them. By then, Kitty was habitually flushing cat litter down the toilet, posing a major threat to the building's plumbing system. The landlord finally confronted her.

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