Fri April 10, 2015
Arts & Culture

Philosophy Talk asks: What can non-violence really achieve?

We all hope for peace. Yet in the face of violence, it often seems the only recourse is more violence. Advocates of non-violence claim it’s not necessary to respond to war in kind, and that responding violently, even in self-defense, just perpetuates the cycle of violence. So how can we practice non-violence under the direct threat of violence? Can non-violent acts be spread to stop aggression and war? And are there times when violence is, in fact, necessary?

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Thu January 30, 2014


Tue October 8, 2013
Health, Science, Environment

"The Race to an Emergency": A KALW News documentary tracing the path of a 9-1-1 call in Oakland

If you’ve ever picked up the phone to call 9-1-1, you or someone else probably needed help. Badly. And you probably assumed that after dialing those three numbers, help would come screeching around the corner, lights and sirens blaring.

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Wed June 19, 2013
Arts & Culture

Historic black bookstore on brink of closure

Photo courtesy of Marcus Books

Marcus Books opened in 1959, and quickly became a hub for the neighborhood’s black community. Founders Julian and Raye Richardson believed it was the first African American bookstore in America.

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Tue May 29, 2012
Arts & Culture

Question Bridge: How do you feel about yourself as a gay black male?

Courtesy of Question Bridge

At the Oakland Museum of California, a special art installation is exploring some of life’s big questions among generations of the black male community. Over 150 black men from all over the country came together to answer questions like these for the project called Question Bridge: Black Males. Today, we bring you a question from Ronald Porter, who teaches at UC Berkeley, and who asked this question: How do you feel about yourself as a gay black male?

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