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What happens when a loved one is shot and killed by law enforcement? On the February 18th edition of Your Call, we’ll continue our series on police, community, race, and justice by speaking with families whose loved ones have been killed by police. We’ll find out what their experiences were like with the legal system, the media, and their local communities. What changes would they like to see? And when it comes to policies, do they feel like their voices are being heard? What questions do you have for family members? It’s Your Call, with Rose Aguilar and you.

Kyung-Jin Lee

One hundred and thirty-one people were murdered in Oakland last year – that’s the highest number since 2006. Other crime is up too, but the number of officers is down. So is police response time.

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On September 18th, an incident cut short an Oakland City Council meeting (see what happened in the video below).