Thu January 23, 2014
Health, Science, Environment

Meet Golden Gate Park’s hairiest denizens

The bison of Golden Gate Park.
Laura Klivans

Betsy. Buttercup. Bambi. Those are not Disney characters but three of the eight female bison that live at the bison paddock in Golden Gate Park. Sarah King, the primary bison keeper, introduces me to them one afternoon. She works with fellow hoofstock fan, Jim Nappi, Curator of Hoofstock and Marsupials at the San Francisco Zoo. Nappi says he and King share a love for bison. 

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Tue September 17, 2013
Philosophy Talk ~ Today at Noon

Philosophy Talk: The Moral Lives of Animals

Stanford professors of philosophy John Perry and Ken Taylor with Mark Rowlands from the University of Miami, author of "Can Animals Be Moral?" - Tuesday at Noon.