Aquarius Records


Wed March 18, 2015
Arts & Culture

Aquarius keeps the light shining on underground music

There’s a place in San Francisco that brings together the sounds of the world. From Ethiopian Jazz to Brazilian tropicalia to Norwegian thrash metal and even the songs of bats.

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Mon April 16, 2012
Arts & Culture

Today on Your Call: What's your favorite record store?

On today’s Your Call, we’ll have a conversation about independent record stores. April 21st  is Record Stores Day. With over 700 independently owned record stories, what’s the value of a brick-and-mortar outlet selling music in the digital age? Join us at 10 or email How have the economics of running an independent record store changed? Do record stores still matter now that you can download just about anything? It’s Your Call, with Rose Aguilar and you.


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