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Fri November 9, 2012
Arts & Culture

Today's Local Music: Mohammed Nejad

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Mohammed Nejad is a Classical Persian musician. He's performing and holding a workshop on Persian Classical music on Sunday morning ​at the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California in Oakland, from 9am-11am, as part of the weekend-long Doorway to Islamic Civilization event.



Thu November 8, 2012

Crosscurrents: November 8, 2012

San Francisco’s volunteer seaweed fighters; On the road to a litter-free environment; Passion Profile: The science educator; and Music tour meets seed exchange.

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Thu November 8, 2012
Arts & Culture

Music tour meets seed exchange

Rupa Marya

Rupa Marya, lead singer of local band Rupa & The April Fishes, is in the middle of an international tour, but it’s about way more than her music:

RUPA MARYA: We are conducting a seed exchange around the world, so we are taking a suitcase full of heirloom treasures that belong to life, belong to the commons. They are not for sale they are for exchange. So the first ten farmers that show up at our show with seeds that they saved to exchange can get in for free.

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Thu November 8, 2012
Local Music

Local Music: Bill Hansell

Here’s something you don’t hear every day – a Guitar Pull.  The term seems to come from the Great Depression when a group would get together to play songs. Often only one player would have a guitar, so they’d “pull” it from each other to have a turn. Bill Hansell has hosted 15 previous Guitar Pulls. There’s always a featured performer, but also time for others to play. And they’ll probably share an instrument if you ask nicely – no need to pull.

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Wed November 7, 2012
Dispatches from Kolkata

Absentee voter

Why do American elections matter to the world when barely 50 percent of Americans show up at the polling booth? Sandip Roy votes absentee... from India.

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