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Mon November 19, 2012
Arts & Culture

Tim Anderson, Bay Area DIY superhero

There’s a sprawling industrial park on the waterfront in Alameda that once was a Navy air base. What had been the base's air traffic control tower was taken over by a gaggle of MIT engineers working on a variety of high-tech projects. One is an airborne wind turbine, being developed by a company called Makani Power. Tim Anderson refers to himself as Makani's pro bono night watchman. He feels strongly America needs to get off petroleum, and he has other ideas about other changes this country should make.

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Mon November 19, 2012
Out in the Bay ~ 11/22

Poet Richard Howard

‘Success’ and a Faun’s Afternoon. Richard Howard, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and translator, amuses us while musing on French fauns, ghosts of all-but-forgotten New York cruising spots, and the cultural figures he’s memorialized or channeled in verse – including painter Alice Neel, dancer Isadora Duncan and Madame Charles de Gaulle.  Now in his eighties, this “living legend” shares his poems, tells how translating can be erotic and reflects on gay life before many of us were born. 

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Sun November 18, 2012
Minds Over Matter 11/18

Minds Over Matter

Tonight, host Dana Rodriguez welcomes panelists Gerry Nachman and Leah Garchik.

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Fri November 16, 2012
Community Partnership

California Revels - The Celestial Fools

The 27th annual Christmas Revels Winter Solstice show The Celestial Fools is presented on the weekends of December 7, 8 & 9 and December 14, 15 & 16 at the Scottish Rite Theater.

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Thu November 15, 2012
Jazz Perspectives

Jazz Perspectives: Angelique Kidjo

Angelique Kidjo was born in the West African country of Benin. She grew up listening to traditional music but was soon influenced by American rhythm and blues singers and jazz artists. She started composing at age 10, writing about political topics starting at a very early age.

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