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Thu June 21, 2012
Out in the Bay 6/21

Under the Rainbow

Marilyn Pittman's encore presentation of her interview with Gilbert Baker, the creator of the Rainbow Flag. It was 1978, Harvey Milk was leading the gay rights movement, and Gilbert started with a banner for the pride parade that became the worldwide symbol it is today.  Out in the Bay:  Thursday at 7pm.


Wed June 20, 2012
Arts & Culture

Local noir cinema is "The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of" at the Old Mint

While The Birds and Vertigo may be some of the more obvious classic films featuring the Bay Area, a new exhibit showing at the Old Mint building in San Francisco is exploring the obvious, the not so obvious, and the downright obscure. The exhibit is entitled "The Stuff that Dreams are made of: San Francisco and the Movies," and it shows scripts, collectibles, artwork and posters from films shot in San Francisco. One room is dedicated to movie posters from classic Noir films related to the City by the Bay.

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Wed June 20, 2012
Arts & Culture

Niles museum of silent film preserves cinema history

Photo by Cordelia Naumann

“Good Evening and welcome to the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum and to the Edison Theater,” says Tommy Andrew to a bustling crowd. Andrew is the host of the weekly silent film screening in Niles. He stands in front of the screen and explains that the museum only exists because of New York actor Max Aronson. Aronson, who renamed himself Gilbert Anderson, got his big break in films at the turn of the last century after he lying about his ability to ride a horse. He got a small part in what became a very popular film called The Great Train Robbery.

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Wed June 20, 2012
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Today's Local Music: La Pena

For today's local music we are featuring La Pena Community Chorus of Berkeley. While their songs use folk traditions, the lyrics are usually about contemporary social injustice throughout Latin America. The chorus is performing a benefit concert at La Pena Cultural Center on Saturday (06.23) at 8pm, marking the center’s 37th anniversary.




Tue June 19, 2012
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Today's Local Music: The Famous

the famous/website

That’s not Wilco you’re hearing, and it’s not Tom Waits either, although you might detect elements of both is this song by The Famous.

They’ve been perfecting their “raw country meets post punk” sound at live shows throughout the Bay Area since 2003.

You can hear The Famous  Sunday, June 24th  at 4pm in San Francisco at Thee Parkside.