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Tue January 17, 2012
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Con Alma

courtesy of Con Alma

The singers you’re hearing are known as Con Alma. This vocal jazz ensemble, which has been active in the East Bay and San Francisco since 1999, has been described as “fresh and full of subtle surprises.” 

They’re performing Saturday (01.21) at Avonova in Oakland, starting about 8pm. 


Fri January 13, 2012
Arts & Culture

Written on the Dock of the Bay: Friday, January 13

After starring in Black With Project, Heather Donahue went on to grow pot marijuana. And now she's written a book about it.

Friday, January 13

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Thu January 12, 2012
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David Velasco

Photo courtesy of David Velasco

David Velasco and his friends will play their ambient music at San Francisco’s Dolores Park Cafe tomorrow night (January 13).


Wed January 11, 2012
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Go Van Gogh

Go Van Gogh
Photo courtesy of Go Van Gogh

The Go Van Gogh music is often called “country music,” which means: while it’s played by Americans, it’s influenced by the music of many countries. They return to Disco Volante in downtown Oakland on Saturday (January 14), starting about 9:30pm. 


Tue January 10, 2012
Arts & Culture

Oakland's soulful natives

Musician Chris Turner returns to his hometown of Oakland after establishing himself as a musician in New York

Musician Chris Turner is an Oakland native, but he’s spent much of the last decade touring the country with a soulful, sophisticated R&B sound. He just recently had his first show in a long time in his hometown.

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