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Mon January 9, 2012
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The HeavyThin

It’s important to stand out in the music world. That’s why The Heavy Thin – who you’re hearing now – is described as “the Bay Area’s only almost all-photojournalist rock band.” Most members work as photographers for their day jobs. They’re on the program Friday the 13th (01.13) at The Stork Club in Oakland, along with five other bands!


Fri January 6, 2012
Arts & Culture

Written on the Dock of the Bay: Friday, January 6

In Daniel Handler's 'Why We Broke Up' the reasons for a break up are explained through an assortment of boxed objects, illustrated by Maira Kalman


Hey, so, just wondering, why did the love of your life break up with you? Actually, it’s not just me who’s wondering. David Handler, also known as Lemony Snicket, would like to know as well. So if you could post your break up tale here, that would be great.

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Thu January 5, 2012
Arts & Culture

Natural Gas Jazz Band

The Natural Gas Jazz Band

The Natural Gas Jazz Band will be playing traditional jazz at the 19 Broadway club in Fairfax on Sunday, January 8. Music starts about 4pm.



Wed January 4, 2012
Arts & Culture

The Secret Identities

The music is by The Secret Identities, composed of three East Bay performers who have teamed up to sing three-part harmony on each other’s songs.

They’ll be at the Bazaar Café in San Francisco on Saturday, January 7th along with Daryl Scariot.  Music starts at 7pm.


Tue January 3, 2012
Arts & Culture

Garrin Benfield

San Francisco guitarist Garrin Benfield

San Francisco guitar innovator Garrin Benfield is known for a complex, loop-driven solo show – but he’s not doing that on his new album. Now he’s concentrating on singing and playing a finger-style electric guitar. 

Benfield says his current sound might best be accompanied by candlelight and a bottle of Pinot Noir. They don’t offer either at the Dolores Park Café in San Francisco, but that’s where you can hear Benfield this Friday, January 6, starting about 7:30pm. All ages are welcome.

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