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Tue September 9, 2014
KALW Almanac

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

See 1926 below...

252nd day of 2014, 113 remaining

  • Sunrise: 6:47am
  • Sunset: 7:27pm
  • Moonset: 7:29am
  • Moonrise: 7:52pm, 99% visible

Tides at the Golden Gate:

  • High: 12:37pm
  • Low: 5:55am/6:19pm

Special reasons to celebrate today...

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Mon September 8, 2014
A Patchwork Quilt September 13, 2014

Hearts of the Dulcimer

image from the film Hearts Of The Dulcimer

This Saturday at 5, we'll be featuring music from the new documentary, "Hearts Of The Dulcimer", produced out of pocket and out of love for the music by musicians and filmmakers Patricia Delich and Wayne Jiang.

Also during the program, we'll hear from CSNY 1974, the new release of stadium performances of the legendary singing group, Crosby Stills Nash and Young.


Mon September 8, 2014
Arts & Culture

A Conversation With Novella Carpenter

Author Novella Carpenter

Writer Novella Carpenter knows more than a little bit about urban gardening. She lives in West Oakland in a place called Ghost Town Farm where she is raising her daughter alongside chickens and pigs and goats. But her back-to-the-land lifestyle has a history. Her father lived -- and still lives -- off the grid, farming and foraging for his food. In her newest book, “Gone Feral: Tracking My Dad Through the Wild,” Carpenter searches for her father and untangles the idea of what it means to be a family.  KALW’s Holly Kernan talked with Carpenter about her urban farm, her father, and her journey to find her roots.

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Mon September 8, 2014
Arts & Culture

Flying with Dad

I spent most of my childhood up in the air. My dad, Steve, was a pilot. He loved to fly.

“I just loved the feeling of being up in the air,” he told me. “Kind of above the machines on the ground, that were just kind of crawling along and picking their way. Because you could go anywhere.”

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Mon September 8, 2014
Arts & Culture

Today's Local Music: Jeff Pehrson

The singer you’re hearing now is Jeff Pehrson, performing with the band, The Fall Risk. You may know him as the vocalist for Further, an offshoot of the Grateful Dead.

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