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Belva Davis


Music is a powerful way to connect people who come from different experiences, but there's a special kind of magic when music amplifies the diversity, heart, and history within one culture. Journalist Belva Davis and KKSF jazz show host Miranda Wilson tease out how the roots of Jazz and hymns are significant to African-American culture, starting with revisiting how Wilson started as an MC on a Bay Area jazz show.

Photo courtesy of Belva Davis.

The 2012 election marks the final significant broadcast for Bay Area trailblazing journalist Belva Davis. She’s come very far:

“When I was first applying for jobs in television, I had never seen a black television reporter,” Davis once said.

A federal immigration official met with members of the Silicon Valley startup community to discuss how the Obama administration plans to keep high-tech foreign-born entrepreneurs in the United States. The plan includes a special program that will track the difficulties non-native entrepreneurs encounter in the immigration process and propose amendments to federal policies to resolve these problems…