Mon December 8, 2014
Cops & Courts

Mayor Tom Bates discusses the Berkeley Protests

Police Line, 12/07/2014
Dan Lurie

The Society of Professional Journalists' Northern California Chapter sent a letter to Berkeley officials today condemning the actions of police officers who allegedly used batons to beat photojournalists. We contacted Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates and asked him about his perspective on what happened in the streets of Berkeley over the weekend.

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Mon December 8, 2014

Peaceful protests in Berkeley take a turn

Protestors in Berkeley, CA
Annette Bernhardt Flickr

Demonstrations against police brutality and the criminal justice system are continuing tonight in the Bay Area, following a weekend of protests that resulted in violent clashes in several locations. Significant protests took place in Berkeley Saturday night, when demonstrators blocked a freeway onramp. At some point police responded with batons and tear gas. The Society of Professional Journalists Northern California chapter sent a letter to Berkeley officials today condemning the actions of police officers who allegedly used batons to beat photojournalists.

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Mon November 3, 2014

Two Bay Area cities are the latest battlegrounds in the soda wars

Soda is so tasty, but so not good for you. One can of coke has about 10 teaspoons of sugar, and too much sugar leads to obesity, diabetes and a host of other health problems.

Widespread diabetes compelled Mexico to pass a national tax on sugary soft drinks last year, but in the U.S. it has yet to happen. That may change tomorrow, if Berkeley or San Francisco passes respective measures that would levy taxes on distributors of sugar-sweetened beverages.

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Thu September 25, 2014
Arts & Culture

Audiograph's Sound of the Week: Rosh Hashanah Shofar

Rabbi Yonatan Cohen blowing the shofar at Berkeley's Congregation Beth Israel
Judy Silber

All week long, we've been playing this sound, and asking you to guess what exactly it is and where exactly in the Bay Area we recorded it.

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Tue July 29, 2014

Local Muslims look to the sky - and their smartphones - to know when to fast

East Bay Muslims pray atop a UC Berkeley hill.
Hana Baba

This past Sunday, members of the Bay Area Muslim community gathered on local hilltops, from Mt Tamalpais in Marin, to Cal State East Bay, to the hills of UC Berkeley. What were they doing? Looking up to the sky for the new crescent moon that signifies the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, when Muslims abstain from food and drink from sunup to sundown. Islamic tradition says to end the fast once the new moon is seen, but some Muslims have recently been using a different method to calculate the end of Ramadan. Not everyone agrees.

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