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CA North Bay wildfire

What are the health risks of wildfire cleanup?

Dec 4, 2017
Angela Johnston

In the wake of the wildfires that devastated Sonoma and Napa counties, residents have been starting the process of cleaning up and rebuilding. The wildfires left about 250 square miles of burnt land — and not just scorched earth, but also materials that can be hazardous to people’s health.

KALW's Ninna Gaensler-Debs talks about what the cleanup process entails, and what health risks people might encounter along the way.

You can find more information about Sonoma County recovery efforts here

Angela Johnston

The sheer amount of hazardous mess left behind by the North Bay fires is unprecedented — and dangerous to the Russian River watershed. As it starts to rain, experts say any amount of precipitation will pick up toxic fire debris and transport it down storm drains.

The Bay Area Resilience Collaborative (BARC) -- Providing Legal Help for California North Bay Wildfire Survivors. Guests: Carole Conn -- Director of Public Service Programs at the Bar Assn. of San Francisco (BASF); Tiela Chalmers -- CEO of the Alameda County Bar Assn. and the Bay Area Resilience Collaborative; Gloria Chun -- Director of the Pro Bono Legal Services program at the Justice & Diversity Center of the BASF; and Dan Wade -- insurance attorney, and Vice Director of the American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division Disaster Legal Services Program.