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Thu November 7, 2013


Mon July 29, 2013
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How Bay Area mental health services fall short


If someone you loved was suffering from a serious mental illness, or seemed like they were on the verge of a psychotic breakdown, you might think you could turn to a psychiatric hospital for help. But in California, that might not do you much good. Institutions have the right to turn a person away unless they’ve been taken into custody. More than ninety percent of patients in California psych hospitals have dealt with police first.

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Mon June 11, 2012
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The primary care turf war: could nurse practitioners play the role of doctor?

Earlier this week, soon-to-be House Speaker John Boehner filed a brief challenging the constitutionality of the Obama Administration’s Affordable Care Act. But the 32 million Americans who would receive access to healthcare from the reform bill have more to worry about than Boehner and the Republican party. There’s currently a shortage of primary care physicians in some areas of the nation, and it’s about to get worse.

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