Mon May 11, 2015
Arts & Culture

The Upshot: Empress of China

Photo by: Carson Lancaster

In his recent article for the April issue of San Francisco Magazine, “Long Live the Empress,” journalist Andrew Leonard looked at the fate of Chinatown, and whether it’s on the brink of serious social and cultural change. The article focused on the close and sale of an iconic Chinese restaurant and banquet hall called the Empress of China. Once so popular that it was booked more than two years in advance, it’s now being advertised as an “ideal space for creative technology tenants.”

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Mon May 11, 2015
Arts & Culture

Keeping memories of Chinatown alive – and kicking!

Courtesy of Grant Avenue Follies

From the 1940s until the 1960s, San Francisco’s Chinatown was home to a thriving Chinese American nightclub scene. The clubs had names like Forbidden City, the Chinese Skyroom, and the Shanghai Low. They had showgirls, ballroom duos, comedians, jazz singers, and magic acts -- all featuring Asian-American entertainers. These clubs had wide appeal: celebrities like Bing Crosby, Duke Ellington, and Lauren Bacall were all spotted over the years, along with tourists, businessmen and locals.

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Tue April 28, 2015

Daily news roundup for Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Musicians in Chinatown's Portsmouth Square.

Chinatown opera musicians seek solution to repeated citations // SF Examiner

The ongoing drama of Chinese opera singers and musicians performing without permits at Portsmouth Square in Chinatown might have a happy ending one day, if the group’s self-proclaimed guardian can drum up enough support for a new arrangement.

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Wed March 18, 2015
Dispatches from Kolkata for 3/18/2015

Sandip Roy: 9-Man

If you think Asian-Amerian man, chances are you don’t think of sweaty guys pushing, shoving and shouting on a court. But that’s exactly what 9-Man is and has been since the 1930s. 

A new documentary by film maker Ursula Liang explores the game that became volleyball.  

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Mon February 9, 2015