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Tue May 26, 2015
City Visions: June 1, 2015

Next on City Visions: Fighting for Fifteen in the Bay Area

Next on City Visions host David Onek and guests discuss the Bay Area's Fight for Fifteen labor movement. Is a $15/hour minimum wage on the horizon for fast food and other low wage workers? Will fast food workers unionize?  And what do rising regional minimum wages mean for the movement? Share your thoughts by calling us during the show at (415) 841-4134, emailing us at or tweeting @cityvisionsKALW. We count on your participation! Monday June 1 at 7 pm.


Tue May 12, 2015
City Visions: May 18, 2015

City Visions: San Francisco at the Vanguard of Transgender Health

Graham Bridgeman
Damon Winter The New York Times


On May 18, 2015 host Joseph Pace speaks to a panel of guests on the unique health challenges faced by transgender people.  How are San Francisco medical providers meeting these challenges?  Will there be less discrimination - in terms of legal protections and access to health care, among other things - now that the media is hyping a so-called "transgender tipping point"?


Dr. Madeline Deutsch - Director of Clinical Services at UCSF's Center of Excellence for Transgender Health.

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Wed May 6, 2015
City Visions: May 11, 2015

City Visions: How Does Your Childhood Impact Your Health?

May 11, 2015: Which more accurately predicts future health, your zip code or your genetic code? Learn how your childhood home, family, school and neighborhood can add or subtract decades from your life. Our Bay Area panel of experts are all working to improve these outcomes for disadvantaged children, find out how. 


Alex Briscoe, Agency Director for Alameda County Health Care Services Agency

Dr. Dayna Long, pediatrician at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland

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Sun April 26, 2015
City Visions: April 27, 2015

City Visions: The Search for Solutions to California's Drought

How can California better cope with the current drought? City Visions host David Onek and guests explore how our state's water is divvied up among cities, farms and rivers and the changes that could help to make our current system more equitable and sustainable.


Cynthia Koehler, Marin Municipal Water District Board Member and Executive Director of WaterNow, a nonprofit dedicated to catalyzing sustainable water solutions in California communities.

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Tue April 14, 2015

City Visions: The Secret Language of Food

April 20, 2015:  Do you know why the Pisco Sour cocktail originated in San Francisco?  Or why the name "tomato ketchup" is not redundant?

On the next City Visions, host Joseph Pace will be in conversation with Stanford linguistics professor Dan Jurafksy to discuss his book, The Language of Food.  They will look at Bay Area menus for subtle messages about status and quality, as well as explore why "fusion" is not a modern culinary innovation.

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