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Mon June 9, 2014


Thu February 27, 2014
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Why San Francisco is poised to save the future – right now

The problems San Francisco’s facing today could really change the course of the city’s future. Local author Annalee Newitz says that future is something we should start trying to protect right now. Newitz wrote the new book Scatter, Adapt, and Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction. She describes it as an “optimistic book about extinction.” In it, she looks at how humans could deal with a catastrophe along the lines of what killed the dinosaurs. She says one thing we need is strong, resilient cities – and that San Francisco is a model for the world. Newitz spoke with KALW’s Casey Miner about adaptation, innovation, and what we can learn from the time local developers almost turned the Bay into a landfill.

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Thu January 2, 2014


Mon November 11, 2013
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Today on Your Call: What are Transition Towns?


Sun November 10, 2013
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Today on Your Call: How is global warming affecting the oceans?