Family Law -- Divorced/Divorcing Parents of Young Children cooperating and working together to make the holidays happy for their young children.
Guests: California Board of Legal Specialization Family Law Certified Specialists Janet Frankel and B J Fadem; and National Board of Trial Advocacy Certified Family Law Trial Advocate Linda Lea Viken, a former President of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.
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For as long as she could remember, Suzanne Thompson wanted to be a mom, but she was running out of time. She thought of her friend Christopher Noessel and his partner Benjamin Remington, who always wanted to be dads, and then she had an idea that could maybe give them all the chance to be parents...together. To make sure their future child wasn’t confused, they sat down with StoryCorps and made this tape for their son, Miles, while he was still in utero.