Colony Collapse Disorder


Thu June 5, 2014

East Bay Express: What's poisoning the bees

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From our partners at the East Bay Express.
Source: Eastbayexpress · Via: Sam Levin
Some of the honeybees were lying on their backs, trembling and twitching. Others were crawling slowly on the ground, unable to fly. Many were motionless, lying dead in piles. Many more had simply disappeared, apparently unable to find their way back to their hives.


Thu January 16, 2014
Bee Farm

Making a home for bees by the freeway

Charlotte Silver

In a city that struggles to find enough space for housing, parking or children, a few dedicated people have found a luxurious, spacious and cheap home for bees.

On an empty tract of land in San Francisco’s Visitacion Valley neighborhood, Karen Peteros has set up a farm where she and a crew of volunteers are raising honey bees. But honey’s not all the farm’s about: Peteros hopes to give these bees a taste of California’s native plants and flowers as well.

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Sun May 5, 2013