Thu April 23, 2015
FSFSF April 23, 2015

FSFSF: Matt Morales on marriage proposals

Matt Morales


Thu April 23, 2015
out In The Bay 4-23-15

Karen Ripley's "Oh, No! There's Men On The Land!"

Karen Ripley

The hilarious gay comedy pioneer Karen Ripley tells the stories of lesbian life in the '70s in her solo show, "Oh, No! There's Men On The Land!" opening May 1st at The Marsh in Berkeley. A gay stand-up before there WAS gay stand-up. Hear about the legendary Brick Hut cafe in Berkeley and all its 'dyke drama,' find out about the hot sex everybody was having with everybody, and discover the many characters in this coming-of-age story.

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Wed April 22, 2015
FSFSF April 22, 2015

FSFSF: Kris Tinkle on teaching in Oakland

Kris Tinkle


Tue April 21, 2015
FSFSF April 21, 2015

FSFSF: Dave Thomason on Rapper's Delight

Dave Thomason


Mon April 20, 2015
FSFSF April 20, 2015

FSFSF: Cory Loykasek on the TL and the Bible

Cory Loykasek